Life Coaching for Single Moms

"I know well the plans I have in mind for you plans for your welfare and not for woe, so as to give you a future of hope."

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Yes! God still has plans for you!

Dear Single Mom...

I know you are scared, tired, and confused.

I know you are overwhelmed with too much on your plate.

I know you want to be the fun, patient, loving mom your kids deserve but are afraid you'll never be able to give them what they need.

I know there are times you fight demons that say your ex is right about you and times you want to give up because you don't have the strength to fight anymore.

I know there are days you fall to the bathroom floor thinking you'll never get up and nights you cry alone wondering if anyone will ever love you.

I know you harbor bitterness, anger, and doubt.

I know you shout questions into the dark asking God what He is doing with your life.

Stressed Out Single Mom Praying while Leaning Against a Brick Wall

Here's something else I know...

You are not alone.

You are seen.

You are heard.

You are Loved!

Even if that's hard to believe sometimes.

What if you could feel loved?

What if you replaced negative self-talk with a positive mindset?

What if you reframe what happened to you as happening for you?

What if you had time and energy to laugh with your kids?

What if you connected with friends and had fun again?

What if you knew for sure you are on the path God designed for you and it's a path of good?

How would the above change you?

I know the possibilities because I've had to answer those questions myself.

That's why my coaching programs are designed specifically for single moms.

Our Story...

On Mother's Day 2009, my husband of 14 years suddenly announced he was leaving for a woman he'd reconnected with on social media. He moved out one week later.

I was five months pregnant with our fifth little boy at the time.

Financially, we were devastated, but the financial devastation didn't begin to match the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wounds we experienced.

The Boys and Me-Kaleb is 1 day old here.

I discovered America's court systems are disastrously incompetent. 

Fortunately, my hope was never in the "justice" system.

Instead, I poured myself into my faith, my family, and my own self-improvment.

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 I ignored those who told me to settle, take any job I could find, or, worse, look for another man to fill my husband's shoes.

Instead, I focused on what I needed to build a family, life, and career I was proud of.

I received my math teaching certification through a path that had never been done in New York and that I was told could never be done.

I started a test prep company and tutored students around the world and eventually taught full time.

I loved what I did, but God kept calling me to more.

I discovered what that "more" was when a friend of a friend showed up on my doorstep sobbing about her husband's infidelity.

At the time, I did not have the skills to help her, but I knew God was telling me others would suffer such pain and confusion, overwhelm and fear. I knew I needed to gain the skills, knowledge, and wisdom to help. I needed to gain confidence and sort through my own emotions. I needed to deepen my faith and strengthen my ability to love.

I swallowed my pride and got help from friends, family, and professionals.

Thanks to them, the kindness of strangers, and the bountiful power and love of our Almighty God and all His Angels and Saints, I attained life coach certification through the Professional Christian Coaching Institute, Dave Ramsey Master Financial Coach certification, and mental, emotional, and physical strength training by some of America's elite Special Forces, including Green Berets and Navy SEALs.

A single Mom of five boys

I now use what I have studied, learned, and personally experienced to fulfill my passion, by helping women eliminate negativity and develop a positive mindset through building relationships, simple routines, and self care all in thanks be to God who has always been, will always be, and always is in control.

I have made plenty of mistakes. I have learned what not to do. I have also done plenty of things right. I have learned to love to celebrating God's Grace manifesting itself in me.

It's been a journey to get where I am today, and I learn more every day. 

I'd love to help you on your journey too.

Your Story...

So what is your story?

Better yet, what do you want these next chapters in your story to look like? What do you want this time to look like when you sit back and reflect one day?

No matter your challenge, your story begins where your need for control ends. It begins when you embrace the value of struggle surrendered to God's Grace.

This is not the end. You can close the novel of your past and choose to write your new adventure today.

"Moving on" is a misunderstood concept. Instead, free will progress and God's Grace transform those who actively choose to utilize them, but they are not for cowards and they are not easily travelled alone. They are for those who seek spirits of courage and wise counsel and who are willing to rise after falls.

They are for you!

But to choose God's Grace, you must stand in God's Light. This sometimes means cautiously, intentionally, purposefully exposing yourself to those who can be trusted when the world says hide in shame.

I believe you are here for a reason; your story is ready to be written.

I believe whatever demons robbed you of YOU can be beaten. 

I believe you can end your need for false control and surrender to Freedom, Courage, Strength, and Love that only comes now that you know you have been chosen for God's Grace.

What will be your story?

What do you believe?

Here's what other women say about coaching with Kerri...

Pink Roses roses-1687884_1280

"(Kerri) was able to look at things from multiple angles and provide fresh insights and challenges that I could not think of, as I was so enmeshed in the situation. She was full of grace and kindness and very encouraging. I think because of her life experience she is able to provide wisdom and courage to others."

~ Kalina, California

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"As I began this process with (Kerri), my life coach, she made me feel comfortable and self-introspective as she asked key, guiding questions to help simplify my path. My repeated response often to her keen questions: 'Hmm. That’s a really good question. Never thought of that.'"

~ Lynn, Florida

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"I always knew (Kerri) was listening well. Her coaching presence made me feel at ease, and I always loved when she'd incorporate a bit of humor, since she knew I needed it. She also asked very good questions - consistently. Queen of the powerful questions."

~ Jennifer, Illinois

According to the International Federation of Coaches


67% of clients improve work-life balance.


73% of clients improved their relationships.


80% of clients felt more self-confident.


99% of clients would coach again.

Life Coaching with Kerri

Put on your oxygen mask.

You do so much for everyone else. Take time to invest in you!

Get to know thyself. Explore options and thoughts and paths without judgment and with curiosity. Be serious and deep or light and cheerful. Be held accountable. Be confident. Be seen. Be heard. Be Loved.


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Value yourself by asking the right questions and staying far away from toxic ones.

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More Testimonials...

Rosary over Hands girl-706667_1280
"Life coaching with Kerri has been a Godsend for me! I was looking for someone who could lead me out of my darkness and into the light and truth God wants for me. Her keen ear and probing questions have helped me find my truth and my beauty and dig deep within myself. Her rooted faith and keen ear to listen, patient and probing with the Holy Spirit has empowered me to see the dignity I have within myself. She challenges me, listens attentively, and makes me laugh! I’m becoming more of who God created me to be with her guidance, and I feel more Hopeful, Joyful and Thankful!"
~ Colleen, Missouri 
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"My best testimony for (coaching with Kerri) is that I do dream now, and I am actually excited about whatever the future holds as I’m going forward with plans, instead of stagnating with the past or stalled in the present. I’d forgotten how much I loved riding my bike! I look forward to taking my boys camping! I’m getting that babysitter so that I can carve out some time to take walks, have a glass of wine with girlfriends, go out to eat, etc.

~Lynn, Florida

Dream Key & Daisies key-3087900_1280

Here’s another best testimony: I’ve signed up for more sessions with Kerri to now focus on healthy, active lifestyle and losing weight because I’m learning to value myself again. I want to be active and healthy because it makes me feel good and I have much more to contribute to my family. Plus, I want to wear cute clothes.

And sometimes, you just need to hear from someone (other than your mother) – that it is okay to dream, permission to value yourself, desire more, and to feel you are good enough. Kerri helped me to rise above the fray and see my beauty in this renewal I was experiencing and it was immensely empowering."

~Lynn, Florida

Life Coaching that actually works!

Pretty much anyone can claim to be a life coach, but I never wanted to be "just anyone." When the first woman, a stranger, literally showed up on my doorstep looking for help because she knew I'd "been there too," I knew I wouldn't be content with just my experiences.

I researched. I discovered. I sought. I planned. I developed. I took the hardships and found God's path. I smiled! 

Today, I work with women and families to answer unanswerable questions, to discover self worth that cannot be taken away, and to find the best path forward.

Where are you on the Wheel of Life?

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Life is Good!

Ever wonder what God's plan is? Ever wonder if there should be more to life? Ever feel like you're spinning wheels and going nowhere fast?

It doesn't have to be that way!

Coach with Kerri to reach your full potential!

A single Mom of five boys

Kerri  Bishop

Author, Speaker, Coach

New York, USA 

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