100 Inspiring Things Men Do Deserving Appreciation Father’s Day & Every Day

Happy Father's Day in blue lightsThe message came through my newsfeed, “Happy Father’s Day to Single Moms who play both roles!” I knew the sentiment and appreciated what the message intended, but I knew the lie it portrayed too – that single moms do the jobs of two parents. Truth is, no matter how hard a single mom tries or how many hours she puts in, she cannot play the role of Husband and Wife, united Mother and Father as well as a Husband and Wife, united Mother and Father.

No matter how amazing the woman, the value of marriage and a present, involved father cannot be underestimated. On Father’s Day, Single Mom Smiling would like to take time to honor and recognize 100 things I’ve seen men do to courageously carry on to build up their families in the face of the pull of modern society…

100 Inspiring Things Men Do That Deserve More Appreciation On Father’s Day & Every Day

  1. Pray with their wives,
  2. Pray for their wives,
  3. Pray with their children,
  4. Pray for their children,
  5. Teach their children to pray,
  6. Know the best thing they can do for their children is to love their mothers,
  7. Day in and day out pick themselves up after falling down day ,
  8. Stand by and let their children fall once in a while,
  9. Bite back the urge to rush in and pick up their child realizing sometimes it’s best for a child to pick himself up,
  10. Stand by ready to pick up the child who truly cannot pick himself up teaching him that the Father will always be there,
  11. Know that real courage takes more than coming out of the closet, it takes coming into the Light,
  12. Resist temptation,
  13. Realize resisting temptation is a fool’s game and instead avoid that which leads to temptation following the Lord’s Prayer, “Lead me not into temptation…”
  14. Realize manliness is more than large muscles, physical self-centeredness, and sexual prowess,
  15. Understand the value of silence,
  16. Understand the value of communication,
  17. Realize they cannot protect children once in a while,
  18. See the plank in their own eyes,
  19. Forgive the planks in the eyes of those they encounter,
  20. Understand the power of saying No – to girlfriends, to friends, to coworkers, to bosses, to children, to society,
  21. Realize that saying Yes to one thing means saying No to something else,
  22. Understand the power and need to discipline a child,
  23. Understand the need for Love in discipline,
  24. Seek wisdom and discernment,
  25. Continually seek to better themselves,
  26. Seek to better their wives,
  27. Seek to better their children,
  28. Seek to win the hearts of their wives,
  29. Seek to win the hearts of their children,
  30. Seek to have God fully win their hearts,
  31. Are role models for their children,
  32. Break the chains of generations,
  33. Do better than their fathers,
  34. Realize that just, “doing better,” isn’t enough,
  35. Aren’t content being, “good enough,” but strive to be better than yesterday everyday no matter how good yesterday was,
  36. Don’t beat themselves up when they fail,
  37. Don’t point fingers when they fail,
  38. Gently but firmly lay down realistic expectations,
  39. Gently but firmly hold others to those expectations,
  40. Love, understand, and forgive when their hopes and expectations are disappointed,
  41. Live less for themselves and more for their families,
  42. Live less for their families and all for the Lord,
  43. Understand the value of a paycheck,
  44. Do not mistake their worth for that paycheck,
  45. Waste no opportunity to express love,
  46. Waste no opportunity to express forgiveness,
  47. Waste no opportunity to deliver faith, hope, and joy,
  48. Give generously,
  49. Realize the greatest giving comes from the heart,
  50. Realize the greatest gift comes in the form of time,
  51. Realize, that ‘not hitting a woman’ doesn’t mean you’re treating her the way the daughter of the One True King should be treated,
  52. Have arms open whenever a wife or child seeks them,
  53. Are willing to be on call to protect and provide 24/7,
  54. Seek happiness in protecting and providing for those they vowed to protect and provide for,
  55. Understand the value of giving their word,
  56. Understand the value of a strong handshake,
  57. Can look their wives and children in the eyes and have nothing to hide,
  58. Build others up,
  59. Inspire others to do better,
  60. Refuse to put others down,
  61. Accept responsibility,
  62. Lead boldly not overpoweringly,
  63. Are not afraid to try,
  64. Are not afraid to fail,
  65. Are not afraid to try again or to fail again,
  66. Go to church and sing out loud with their voices and their minds and hearts,
  67. Live like its Sunday every day,
  68. Realize their wealth has little to do with their bank deposits and more to do with their deposits made to their faith and family.
  69. Accept they have to do the hard things,
  70. Realize the hard times don’t last forever,
  71. Realize love is less an emotion and more a choice,
  72. Choose to Love,
  73. Realize God is the true judge,
  74. Seek the Mercy of Jesus today and every tomorrow,
  75. Realize fatherhood is more than biological,
  76. Realize that seeking justice and not emotion is a powerful gift,
  77. Realize the time to seek better is now,
  78. Realize that the best predictors of future behavior is past behavior, but with the Lord a predictor is just a predictor, not a defined outcome,
  79. Admit their wrongdoings,
  80. Seek forgiveness when they do wrong,
  81. Do not let their wrongdoings pull them or those around them down,
  82. Are not afraid to stand for the truth even when others mock them,
  83. Are not afraid to ask for direction,
  84. Follow direction when it is God-driven,
  85. Accept and express grief, fear, pain, darkness,
  86. Do not allow grief, fear, pain to overwhelm God’s Light,
  87. Actively seek and listen for the Word of God,
  88. Do not let hypocrisy from blinding them to goodness or trying again tomorrow,
  89. Guard their hearts but don’t lock them away,
  90. Guard the hearts of those they encounter and allow true love to blossom,
  91. Are not afraid to risk everything for what really means something,
  92. Live in the world, but not for it,
  93. Deliver, faith, hope, and love to those silently seeking it,
  94. Are role models in the eyes of the innocent rather than the eyes of the progressive,
  95. Reflect the Light, realizing Good in themselves is a gift from God rather than a power they demand,
  96. Know they can’t fix everything but try anyway,
  97. Learn patience when they’d rather jump in and do something,
  98. Love when Love is hard, undeserved, and unreturned,
  99. Are not afraid to die for the Lord and their families, but instead strive to live for them,
  100. Put the Lord above all.

Being a good man is not an easy job, and it’s not something you do once and accomplish. It’s waking every day to try again and again and again. It can seem like a thankless job, but know there are those of us who notice and appreciate, who are inspired and awed, incredibly grateful and moved sometimes to tears by your actions.

I began the list thinking I’d write about 10 things, but quickly realized I knew men who displayed many, many more than 10. If you’d like to add something I’ve missed, please leave a comment below. In the meantime, on Father’s Day, let me say thank you to all the amazing men out there. You are inspirational…Keep up the good AMAZING work!

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Happy Father’s Day!

May God Bless You & Yours…

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  1. Thank you for sharing Single Mom Smiling! This would make a great examination of conscience for both husband and wife. Know I keep you in prayer always. God Bless

    1. Thank you Tami. You’re so right. The list is full of things we should all strive to do. I know I’ve failed at every one of them multiple times and have had to ask forgiveness.

      Funny timing on your comment. I was just praying for you in before I went to Confession Saturday and thinking I needed to get back in touch and find out how you’re doing. I’m working a lot this week, but I’ll message you later. Hope you’re doing well.

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