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Thank You to Our Veterans – Love a Single Mom

Every time I kiss my sons as they lay own to sleep I thank the Soldiers who keep watch for the children that I keep.   And when I thank the Lord above for the Hope tomorrow brings I pray that Angels flying high guide the Airmen and their wings.

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Thank You to America’s Veterans

American Flag

In most other countries of the world, the life of a single mom of five children would be very different from the life my children and I lead. Here in the Great United States of America, my family’s struggles come in many forms. I don’t know how to get my kids to their different activities. I don’t have time…

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Today, I Met a Man

homeless man

Today I met a man. He’s got to be a foot taller than me. He’s got quite a few pounds on me too, and I’m no longer the perfect size 6 I want to be! I met this man at a grocery store about 20 minutes from where I live. Actually, to be more precise, I met…

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Being Thankful for What We Don’t Know this Memorial Day

Crosses on Memorial Day

Memorial Day always makes me a bit unsure. It’s a day I believe America, and those thankful for the help of America’s Military, should celebrate. I believe it’s a day of far more importance than we credit it with, but wishing someone a Happy Memorial Day always makes me cringe just a little bit. My ex-husband witnessed…

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