A Single Mom Speeds Through Life in the Fast Lane

Traffic Sign - Reduce Speed
The Law of Averages is a joke.
Please drive responsibly!

As a single mom of FIVE boys, speeding through life in the fast lane is the only way to live – literally. My four older boys are Boy Scouts, altar servers and play a variety of sports. All those activities means a lot of running around. With six years between the first boy and the fourth, no two kids play on the same team. This means, not only different teams, but different fields, different gyms, different start times, different end times, different coaches, different ends of town, different just about everything.

It also means hoping to not get any kid to his practice too late and not to leave any coach waiting too long for pick up. My life is full of rushing from here to there. I spend a LOT of time getting kids from one activity to the next. Speeding is a necessity in my life.

BUT I know it’s wrong.

What to do??? 

There is only one thing I can do, really. I use the law of averages. For example, if I drive 50 in a 45. Then I later have to drive 40 in that same 45. Thanks to the Law of Averages…I’ve driven 45 every time!

Yep, it works in my head!

97% of my readers are thinking this is just about the stupidest idea they have ever heard. Those readers  are already preparing commentary about all the times they got stuck behind someone like me, the times I made them late, the danger I present others, and the failure I am as a role model driver to my impressionable young men! I agree wholeheartedly and can tell you I won’t do it again, but I know I will, so I won’t.

2% of my readers are thinking “Wow! That’s really stupid, but kind of funny too!” To you I’ll just say thank you for understanding.

1% of my readers are sitting home saying, “Holy cow! I wonder if that really works? I’ve got to try it.” To them I say…I like the way you think. We are probably more alike than either of us would want to admit to, but I am not responsible for your stupidity. Seriously. Don’t do it. 

Drive Happy. Be Happy. Drive Safely.

God Bless…