A Trump Victory: 12 Things to Help Our Children

Child after Trump win?Donald Trump will be the new President of the United States. Whether you voted for him or not, perhaps we can agree that one of the saddest things about this election is the fear and hatred our children have witnessed.

I remember watching replay after horrid replay of 9-11. I watched until I heard a child expert explain that children lack the ability to understand that a replay is not an actual repeated event.

Finally, it dawned on me (I’m a little slow sometimes – figure I’d say it before my liberal friends did! 😉 ):  what we understand as adults does not register the same for children and children most need to know they are safe. I may have been scared, but I understood we were not in immediate danger. They did not.

Children listen.

Children internalize.

Children fear.

I am by no means comparing a Trump election to 9-11, but too many memes and social media comments are. What a shameful scar that is on the memories of those lost that day. There are ways to speak positively to your children about this election and ensuing Trump presidency.

A Trump Presidency – 12 Things to Help Your Children

  1. Be Positive – Children will follow your lead. Get ahold of yourself before discussing events. Don’t make them feel they need to comfort you. Be the grown up.
  2. It’s Not the End of the World – Your first priority is to protect your children physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Saying this is the end of America, that it will spark WWIII, or that we hired a racist, mysogynist, rapist, or whatever, even if you believe it, does not protect your children. It harms their psyche.
  3. You Are Safe – We need to tell all children that no one will be knocking down their doors in the middle of the night. No one will suddenly round up families for deportation. No one will stand by and let racism or sexism or whatever negative ism pops up next become accepted.
  4. Don’t Believe Everything You Hear – Hypothetical worst case scenarios are repeated and fear mongering is exploited. This is often done by one party to its own people to control their thoughts and manipulate them into voting against an opposing candidate. Don’t repeat worst case scenarios. Don’t instill fear in your children.
  5. Don’t Share Fears They Cannot Control – Fear mongering has caused many children to believe friends who are in this country illegally will be deported. Again, even if you believe this were true, children have no control over it. Making them fear for their friends is just plain cruel.
  6. America is a Country with a Loving Heart – America has always cared for children. This will not change. We give more from our personal time and money than other groups. One side does not have a monopoly on caring. No one is deporting small children. Our prisons on the other hand are overcrowded with violent illegal immigrants. Deporting them makes America and all children living here safer. In fact, most victims of crime are minorities and those afraid to seek help such as illegal immigrants.
  7. Your Neighbors are NOT the Exception – America is made up of the people you know, like, and trust. Your neighbor is the one who gets your mail and feeds your dog when you’re on vacation. They pick your children up from school and wave hello even when they’re running late. Your neighbors may vote differently, but you know they are good people. America is made up of neighbors, not exceptions. If your neighbor who votes differently is a good person, why not admit the nasty voter is the exception?
  8. Perhaps There is Another Side – Almost 30% of Hispanics voted for Trump despite a media that encouraged otherwise. 30% is not a majority, but it is notable. If Trump were racist, that number could not have been so high. Give credit to minorities who see things differently. Discover what those voters know about Trump’s policies. Stop discrediting their values.
  9. US Borders Can be MORE Open Now – Closing US borders does not mean an end to immigration but that immigrants will be screened and bad guys kept out. This makes America stronger and safer. Children from all over the world, despite how close their country of origin is, will have equal opportunity to live free and prosper in America. People from all lands are welcome, not just those who can walk in. America embraces the diversity this brings.
  10. Even The Tiniest Children are Valued – A Trump victory is a vote for life in all stages. Life for the most innocent and vulnerable Americans will be defended. Regardless of their ability to return the favor, regardless of financial or racial backgrounds, regardless of one’s “use,” or “convenience,” or likability even tiny, vulnerable, innocent, unborn children will be better protected. America has finally stood to say all children are precious. Your children, no matter what your political views, are precious to us too.
  11. We Can Work Together – Instead of spouting things like “Hate won,” look to find the good. You may have different priorities, but see how perhaps “Love Won” here. It is a love for the unborn, for our law enforcement and Military, a love that offers school choice, growth in dignified employment, and other programs that build opportunity for low income children. Find something positive to say about your neighbor’s side. Teach your children the benefit of working together to get things done.
  12. Pray & Believe – This may upset some of the disbelieving crowd, but I’m guessing I haven’t won over the hardest of hearts anyway so I’m going to ask the rest of us to pray. Pray for President-elect Trump. Pray for President Obama. Pray for America. Pray for healing. Pray for your children. Pray for tomorrow’s children. Pray for an increase in faith, hope, and love, which is always a good thing. God gave us a spirit of strength and of courage and a land we can be proud of. This election gives freedom of faith an opportunity to show what good love can do. Embrace Love and give it away freely. If nothing else, this election proved prayer works and sometimes God says “Yes!”

I’m writing this as a Conservative single mom, a Trump voter but not a fan. I know the what liberals are feeling because I was frightened when Obama was elected. I was frightened for the unborn, for our law enforcement and military, for Christians and our freedom to worship, for 200 years of Constitutional rights, and more under Obama. I had reason to fear. I don’t see the Trump fears the same way. I don’t see your neighbors turning into bigotted, mysogynist, rapists because you think Donald Trump is one.

I would have fear if Hillary had been elected, but I would still get up and be a Mom. I would still get up and go to work, work harder to change what is wrong in our world and do a better job explaining our values, and loving my neighbor. I would still protect my children, speaking to them when I am able to do so rationally, peacefully, and positively. Looking for Good. Doing my best to promote Love and Hope rather than fear and hate.

Good can come from anything.

If you work hard and believe, rise and stay positive.

Whatever “side” you’re on, we are Americans and we are all neighbors. There is always good if you choose to see it. Your children need for you to see it. Don’t discredit them by telling them one thing but thinking, saying, or doing another. They are too smart for that. Search for the good. Seek ways to work with your neighbors. Find common ground and mutual respect. You don’t need to like a Trump presidency, but you can learn to love unconditionally.

America will be stronger for it. You will be better for it, and your children will thank you for it.

God Bless…

And, as always, thanks for commenting, liking, following, and sharing!

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