A Year in Review – A Recap of 2011 World Events – July, August, September 2011

The NYC skyline highlighting the Twin Towers prior to 9-11
The Twin Towers dominated the NYC skyline prior to 9-11.

World Events 2011

July – August –September

Casey Anthony

At the start of the summer, we were sickened to hear Casey Anthony had been acquitted of murder. Much like after the OJ Trial, people questioned how the jury could not have found her guilty. As outsiders, we were given information jurors were not, and theories flew about the need for instant gratification and jurors wanting cases solved quickly and easily rather thanas  the result of real police work– a result of shows like CSI perhaps.

Mourning Our Troops

In August we mourned the loss of 31 of our best men in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan. Many of the lost were Navy SEALS involved in the killing of bin laden earlier in 2011. Our hearts and prayers go out to all those who have lost a loved one in the defense of our country.

Crazy Natural Events Strike the East Coast

An unheard of 5.8 earthquake in Virginia rocked people as far away as New York and Hurricane Irene which swept through the Northeast on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans. Although Hurricane Irene erased some small towns, there was little outcry for miracle government cures and the people, most already hurting economically, continue to take responsibility, raise money, and work together to rebuild homes and businesses one at a time in the true spirit of America.

10 Year Anniversary of 9-11

September gave us the 10 year anniversary of 9-11. Personally this day caused me more heartache than any other of 2011. I remember the beautiful blue skies and knowing, less than a 100 miles from where I sat, thousands of people were dying or wanting to die. I remember watching the TV frantically searching the crowds for my husband’s beloved face and praying he was okay. I remember wondering if tanks would drive up the street not understanding that this was indeed a new kind of war. I remember holding on to my husband for dear life and thanking God when he came home. I remember seeing he first airplane after the ban had been lifted and praying fervently every time I saw a plane in flight for months. I often still find myself saying a silent prayer when a plane crosses my line of vision.

I remember going behind the scenes of Ground Zero at Thanksgiving to where my husband worked and being amazed at the … ??? just being amazed. How can you explain 9-11. I tried for my children. I cannot. I just remember.

And on 9-11, more than on any other day in 2011, I felt alone. My husband and I had shared that day and I remember how much I loved him.

And I was angry. Angry at the terrorists who had taken so many lives. Angry at tose who continue to breed terrorists out of young children who will only grow to hear bad of my beloved country and hate my precious children. Angry at the media willing to put our military lives at risk to catch a good story. Angry at my husband who threw away the love I had for him when so many people would have longed to live the life he had.

And then I cried again. Yes, I remember 9-11. I promise to never forget.

Occupy Madness

September also saw the beginning of the “occupy” protests which spread like wildfire across the US, and I could not help but wonder how our country had gotten so off track. Occupy encampments housed college kids blindly following in order to rebel and union workers paid for their appearance, and homeless were turned away at the food lines. The division of the 99% became apparent except that the protestors failed to realize that as world population goes, they too are in the 1%. Would wealth distribution work if the US was “occupied” by Darfur or Haiti?

As a single mother, I had tried to get food stamps and was turned away while I watched others capable of work left grinning. I want the ability to work. I want the ability to earn lots of money. I want the ability to get myself and my kids out of this mess, and I want that more than I want food stamps. I wondered what the “occupy” people would say if I asked them to occupy Washington DC asking legislators to enforce the laws we have on the books before writing new ones before we are faced with “Occupy America” held by illegal aliens coming for their 1%?


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