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Can Fasting Save America from Itself?

Can Fasting Save America from Itself? Woman on wall overlooking city

Unseen babies aborted because a mother has plans that don’t include her child. Infanticide of sobbing little ones because they don’t measure up in some way. Children separated from families within the border of a land foreign to them. Gender idolatry, sexuality used to please me in my moment, the destruction of Marriage and family.…

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Understanding No Fault Divorce, Suicide, & Kate Spade

Red scarf (Kate Spade's suicide method) left on tree

Kate Spade committed suicide by hanging herself with a red scarf in her upscale NYC apartment last Tuesday morning. Tuesday was a beautiful day in New York City. The sun was shining; the temperature was ideal in the mid 70’s. A new week was still unfolding, yet in Kate Spade’s world, something sinister was unfolding…

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What is a Catholic Marriage?

The word Marriage brings up different images depending on who is doing the imagining. A naive young girl may dream of Prince Charming and living happily ever after while a jaded, under appreciated old woman many be so overcome by marital regret she can’t remember any fairy tale dreams she once held dear. Ask a…

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