Calling Out Again and Again…

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It’s funny, not in a laugh out loud sort of way, but in a funny, sweet, melt your heart kind of way. I’ve always been the parent my kids went to when something was wrong.

When they didn’t feel well, they wanted to cuddle with Mom. When something bad happened at school they came home to milk and cookies with Mom (True at least when they were little! I miss those days!) When Firefighter and Jerry Rice, our guinea pigs, died (now that’s a story!), it was Mom who provided comfort.

But it’s also Mom they go to when something bad happens, even when bad isn’t so bad but they just don’t feel like dealing with it, like when they are carrying groceries in from the car and drop a bag of flour leaving a mess you can only imagine! Or when the toilet clogs and there’s no one but the clogger and Mom. Or in a multitude of other ways. My boys know they just have to call, and I’ll be there – eventually.


“Just a minute, kiddo,”

And sometimes that “Just a minute, kiddo,” means “Just a minute, kiddo,

and other times it means. . .


(Yes, I have thought that through many times)

But even in those toilet unclogging, chick flick watching, lock myself in the closet to consume massive amounts of fat which will deposit itself in my midsection for years moments, my heart still loves that call.

Mooooommmmmmyyyyy . . .

Moooooooommmmmmm . . .

No matter how old the kid is, the sound of him calling my name, even in his (and my) worst moments, is beautiful, frustrating sometimes yes, but always beautiful.

And I thought of this Sunday’s Gospel and how amazing God is.  When that blind man called out and was told to shush by those nearby, he refused. Like a child, he kept it up, calling out to Jesus, until Jesus called out to Him and then cured Him because of his faith.

Jesus never turned His back on the man. He never told Him to shush or to wait one more minute while He finished a more important task. Jesus never had one of those toilet unclogging, chick flick watching, lock myself in the closet to consume massive amounts of fat moments – and not just because He didn’t have flush toilets or preferred more manly films either!

Jesus is truly One with God our Father, and He never gets tired of us calling out to Him. He never turns His back. He never tells us one more minute when He doesn’t really mean one more minute, and unlike me in my human value of time, God isn’t interested in solving every problem in an instant. He knows we have eternity to see things as they are, and He is willing to let us work through things so we draw closer to Him and to each other.

When the time is right, the Lord cures. All you have to do is keep calling out. Be the blind man. Admit what you cannot see. Know you don’t have the ability or the right to see more than you do in this moment, but do not be content in this moment.

Be at Peace in life, but be greedy when calling out to the Lord. Ask for more of Him and less of you, and you will be offered gifts of sight beyond what you imagined.

You are a precious Child of God, and far more than any Good parent Loves his child, God Loves you. Don’t listen to the crowds that silent you. Don’t listen to those who tell you you are not Good enough. You are created in the image and likeness of God, and Your Father wants to hear from you.

Call out to Him and be ready for His response whenever and however it comes.

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God Bless…

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2 thoughts on “Calling Out Again and Again…”

  1. I recently came across the Blue Army of Fatima pledge that called for the offering of daily duties for the reparation of souls. Answering the ‘Mama Call’ certainly forms a chunk of that. I like to think that I have always taken my duties as mum seriously, but since I began saying a paraphrased form of that pledge, the sacredness of my motherhood has become clearer to me.

    Unfortunately, by no means does it mean that I’ve transformed into a saint of a mother. I’m still who I am. But I think, I need Mama Moments, Mama Calls, to remind me it’s not just about love, duty and responsibility. Motherhood/Parenthood is sacred. 🙂

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