A Case of the Give Me’s

Give me's? "In God" printed on money should show giving
How should we look at a case of the Give me’s?

Give me, give me, give me… If you’re a parent you know what I’m talking about. My boys are fantastic kids, but I have to say every once in a while we run into days like this:

Mom:                                                                                                                                                Kids:

Hey Guys, I bought ice cream! Come grab a bowl! Aww mom, why didn’t you get double chocolate mint fudge brownie sundae flavor?
Look buddy, I got you a new shirt! Oh cool mom, I really liked the red one, but this one is okay too.
Okay, I was able to rearrange my work schedule so I can pick you up at 4:15 anyway. Thanks mom. You did remember practice gets out at 4 though, right?
Who wants pizza? Can we have soda with it?
You’re going to be so happy! I vacuumed your bedroom floor for you! Thanks Mom. By the way, did you think to dust the shelves too?

Okay, so the last example is a bit of a stretch. They hardly ever cared if their rooms are vacuumed, and it would never occur to them to ask if I had dusted shelves. There are some days I’m not sure my kids have a floor under the many layers of Legos (I know they are there because my feet find them in the dark), laundry ( usually a maddening mix of clean and dirty), and assorted bunches of other stuff (I’ve found everything from long lost shin guards to chocolate and potato chips – yes elated together in one bag, to school novels that are months overdue).

But you get the idea. Children want, want, want…

Or is it I who wants, wants, wants?

Kids:                                                                                                                     Mom:

Hey mom, do you need help with those groceries? My arms were full. It would have been nice if you had opened the door for me!
Look mom! I can make a lay-up now! Oh cool cutie.  Now you’ve got to learn to do it left handed.
Okay, I did the dishes, cleaned the counters, and vacuumed the floor. What did you use to clean the counters with?
Who wants some of my homemade cookies? Did you clean up the kitchen before you bring those out here?
Mom I got a B+ in Math! What happened to your English grade?

Putting our wants in chart form makes the boys and myself look pretty bad. It seems like nothing is goo enough. We always want more.

Give me more.

Give me better.


A Case of the Give Me’s as Heard by Our Heavenly Father:

Did you ever think about how we sound to God when we give Him our wants?

GOD:                                                                                                            Everyone Else (in one way or another):

Hey daughter, look at the beautiful, insulating snow I blanketed the land with. It’s so cold out! I wish it were warmer!
Look child, I have put a roof over your head. Someday we are going to have a house like in that development!
You have food for your needs and clean water in your tap. Use them wisely. Why did you make me so fat? I must have been given a bad gene!
Your current job is a stepping stone. Skills and discipline you learn here will take you to your next stop. I hate this dead end job.
I have blessed you with children, family, and friends who love and care for you. Why doesn’t my husband love me?When will I meet Mr. Right?

Sunday’s Responsorial Psalm was taken from Psalm 29. Verses 1-2 stop the case of the “give me’s” short. Instead, these verses implore their readers to Give to God.

A psalm of David.

Give to the LORD, you sons of God,
give to the LORD glory and might;

Give to the LORD the glory due his name.
Bow down before the LORD’s holy splendor!

Throughout the Bible we are told to worry not; the Lord hears our prayers. We are His children in a more perfect display of parent-child Love than we could ever hope to accomplish, the Lord our Father Loves us and knows our deepest, most secret desires.

He wants us to turn to Him, praying and asking Him for what we would like Him to provide us with, but, just as in any parent-child relationship, it is the duty of the child to ask in a way that is not demanding nor whining. It is also the duty of the parent to withhold some of the child’s wants for a better place, time, and person or to just deny those wants completely.  It is not the duty of the parent to explain herself to the child although she may choose to do so when it suits her.

Before developing a case of God Give Me’s, reflect on Psalm 29. Consider giving glory and might to God for all He has done, is doing before our eyes and behind the scenes, and will do one day.

If you’re quiet and take the time to listen for Him, eventually you  will see His Love for you whispering in your life.

God Bless…