Something has to change - Bare trees in winter

Sharing Other Women’s Stories – Because Something Has to Change!

In the years since I began Single Mom Smiling, one thing has become very clear. Something has to change. It’s strange when tragedy strikes, how your door (and your heart) opens for others to share their personal pain. It wasn’t long after my husband left that the first stranger literally showed up on my doorstep.

prison cell

P is for Prisoner

I am a prisoner, held captive by an ex-husband, a court document, and a divorce I never wanted. 75 miles. Of the approximately 197,000,000 square miles on this earth, I am confined to a 75 mile radius. I have written and rewritten this post trying to get the message right. I want you to know …

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Thou shall not kill - cemetery

K is for Kill

I’ve never killed anyone. Or have I? The fifth commandment very clearly states, Thou shall not Kill. It seems simple enough. As long as I don’t put a gun to someone and pull the trigger, hold a knife to the throat of another, push someone in front of a moving train, I’ve got that commandment …

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