SMS Finances

The Financial Pages provide practical, every day, easy to follow tips and plans to help you achieve your financial goals. Success can be hard to attain, but with God’s help, a good plan, and follow through even in tough times, it is possible. Let me help you get to where you want to be. Disclaimer:  …

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Cutting Back at Christmas

It’s a few days before Christmas, and I am realizing that there may not be enough time to do all the things I’d hoped for the holidays. A month ago I dragged boxes of decorations up from the basement. I was so proud of myself for getting a head start on Christmas this year. Today, those …

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French cave paintings

Never Trust a Quiet Toddler

I do believe the #1 rule of parenting is NEVER TRUST A QUIET TODDLER, and you would think after five boys, I would have learned that lesson, but ohhh nooo…Sometimes I can be a slow learner! Yesterday, I blogged about my typical morning routine. Part of the reason for that was to show what my …

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My Typical Morning Routine

I vaguely remember my typical morning routine in BCE days [Before Children Existed, or before they existed as my flesh and blood anyway]. I distinctly remember the sun always shining and soft music playing in the background. The smell of cinnamon buns would arouse me from my peaceful slumber. I would roll to my side and look through …

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Anticipation Does Not Make Things Easier: Finding The Bank Lock on Our Home

Sometimes anticipation is a good thing – but not always – and when I stopped at our former home today I was unprepared for seeing the bank lock on the front door even though the anticipation that it may happen had been there for a while. It made the foreclosure process even more real and even …

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