Change: Think It Through First

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Before making changes, weigh the consequences. Will your changes mess up life for you or others?

Why are you looking for a change? What’s the purpose of change? What do you hope to accomplish through that change? What makes you believe those positive outcomes of change will come true?

I’m a teacher, and too often we tell our students to not change answers on a test, to always go with your first instinct, but I disagree. Telling students to never change their answers on a test is to oversimplify things and to counter the idea of double checking your work.

The same is true of Life.

Change can be a Good thing. It can motivate us to do better, to strive for more, to attain things we never even thought of before, but only when change is done for a purpose after having weighed the consequences and laying out a logical plan.

Now, I know this is going to sound dull to non planners, and I don’t blame them. Planning can be tedious, but it’s also beneficial.

Some of the worst examples of change have come from those who changed without logical thought or for their own greed without considering the consequences to those affected by change.

Look at two extreme examples of this:

  1. A spouse or parent who abandons his/her family because he/she wants a change without considering how two households will be supported financially, educationally, or emotionally.
  2. A voter who votes for hope and change without considering long term effects or how those changes will be implemented.

If you are considering a change, be intelligent enough to plan out the change, weight the consequences, and consult those who will guide you from a Biblical point of view, not because they have their own agenda or because they made similar rash changes.

If a change is forced upon you, take heart, even negative changes can be used for God when washed clean by The Lord. Use those changes to discover strength and Love in places you never would have looked for them. Use those changes to make changes within yourself and discover a whole new (beautiful) world! Use those changes to inspire someone else! Use those changes to show the Lord’s Grace.

This post was written in response to Kate Moutang’s Five Minute Friday’s theme “Change”

God Bless…

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2 thoughts on “Change: Think It Through First”

  1. What a practical, truth packed post. Change can be a good thing, if we trust that God is allowing that change for our good, even though it may not ‘feel’ good in the moment. I’m thankful that God has ‘got it’ regardless of what the ‘it’ is. Stopped by from Five Minute Friday.

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