Christmas Pictures – A Break from the Serious!

Christmas Picture of the kids
Merry Christmas and God Bless You All in 2014!

Lately, Single Mom Smiling has been getting deep into heavy issues at this wonderful, joyful, hopeful time of the year, and, as anyone with five boys knows, you can’t be bogged down in the serious for too long! 😉

I’ve decided to take a little break from being serious and show you some of the fun we’ve had getting ready for this Christmas season. I hope you enjoy our family pictures. I’ll add more over the next few weeks!

Thank you for joining my family this year! Please invite your friends to come check us out in 2014!

Christmas Pictures - Christmas Birthday Boy

I have to start my Christmas photos with this guy – my Christmas Baby. Yep, he was actually born on Christmas Day!

When he was about four years old people would smile and call him Christmas Baby. This would inevitably result in him crossing his arms, puckering his little bow mouth, frowning his brow, slitting his eyes, putting on his most horrific tough guy attitude and humph while telling them, “I’m not a Christmas Baby. I’m a Christmas Big Boy!” Sorry Christmas Big Boy. You were (and still are!) just too cute! I LOVE YOU 100%



Christmas - Reading II - GNK

Love these pictures! Who doesn’t love the idea of sweet smelling babes cuddled in bed reading to one another. We do go to bed VERY late, but for the month before Christmas, no matter how late it is, Kaleb and I cuddle for his special Christmas story, and he never lets me forget! This night, was special because I was caught up doing other stuff and came in to find his brothers had taken over the job so I  could work and Kaleb didn’t miss his story.

Christmas - Reading III - GNK

I don’t think the peace lasted long before complaints of, “He’s pushing me off the bed,” and “Stop taking all the blankets!” kicked in, but I’m going to remember these peaceful happy moments and smile.

Christmas 2013 - K gift for Santa

Kaleb became very concerned with people who don’t have presents this year. When he heard his father and his father’s girlfriend would give one another presents but I had no one to give me presents, he would tell me several times a day about all the presents he would get and share with me. He spent the past few weeks giving me his ice cream (Only part of the reason a diet is on my list of New Year Resolutions!), his markers, his toys, tons of stuff. Here he has one of his videos. He wrapped it by himself and left it where the tree would go so that even Santa will have a gift on Christmas. Can I say again how sweet this kid can be?!?

Christmas 2013 - Computer Designed Cards - NK

Don’t think all of my children are so sweet (although they all are or at least all CAN be sweet. Yes, Troy! It is actually possible for you to be sweet too; although at 16, sarcasm seems to be more of your calling recently, I know that sweetness is there and I do catch the glimpses of it that you so try to hide!) here is Noah designing his Christmas card for his secret Santa (I didn’t know it was me

Christmas 2013 - The Card Nat this time!) on the computer. I kind of miss the mess of glitter and markers and glue of the old fashioned cards, but I was just happy to see him happily working on something for someone else so I guess it’s okay this new way!

It seems sweet until you see it’s a picture of Santa being shot by an arrow, but don’t worry, Noah filled in a whole bloody battle between Santa’s elves and the bad guys and Santa won! Ahhh…Christmas with boys! 🙂

There are plenty more pictures to come! Check back with Single Mom Smiling again soon! 🙂

Thank you for joining my family this year! Please invite your friends to come check us out in 2014!

God Bless…

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