Coincidence? I Met Two Angels

Beautiful Black Angel
Thank you Lord for sending me two beautiful angels today!

Do you believe in coincidence? You know how sometimes you think you have something to offer the world and that life may be getting on the track (FINALLY!) and then everything comes crashing down on top of you again? It seems life decided to throw more curveballs just as I started Single Mom Smiling and I’ve struggled to maintain my positive outlook.

Dear Lord, haven’t I had enough?

God never gives you anything you can’t handle.

The Lord thought I was strong enough to handle an unexpected pregnancy and the sudden abandonment of my husband, but did He really think so highly of me that He would continue to throw mountains my way while I was already swimming upstream? Really???

Ok Lord, you can stop thinking so much of me now. I’m pretty much done.

As things continue to fall apart all around me, my head is in a million different directions,  and I just cannot seem to pull it back together.

I know. What a power trip!

It is not up to me to pull things back together. That is the Lord’s job, and He will do it in the best possible way IF I let him.

BUT today I thought I’d had another “final straw.”

I rushed into Walmart with a $100 bill clutched in my hand, what I was hoping to stretch for groceries and gas for my minivan for the next four days or so.

In the midst of my rushing, I heard two women looking for a cereal that had been sold out. I told them this, and we chatted happily for a minute or so before continuing our shopping. I flew through the store rushing so that I could get back to my boys, and I approached the check out line. It was only then that I realized I no longer had the $100 bill in my hand.

I quickly ran back. I searched every aisle. I ran out and rifled through my car, but the money was nowhere to be found. On a long shot, I went back inside to the courtesy counter and asked if anyone had turned it in. No one had.

I turned away from the desk; there stood the two women from the cereal aisle, one had my $100 bill in her hand. She had picked it up after I dropped it, but because of my rushing around they had been unable to find me. On a long shot, they had decided to try the courtesy counter at the exact same time I showed up.

Do you believe in coincidence???

I don’t!

I began to cry tears of exhaustion and pure relief and thanksgiving for these angles whom I am sure God sent to remind me of all that is Good. I hugged the woman who handed me the money. We talked for a few minutes, and I found out she also has five children and that I may work with some of her grandchildren at the local high school. The other woman is a teacher, like I had been.

There is a battle for good and evil out there. I believe the devil wants souls so badly he is willing to go to extraordinary and elaborate lengths to destroy people and gifts. His voice is loud and easily drowns out quiet, gentle Goodness with promises of fast fun and instantaneous pleasure.

God, on the other hand, speaks quietly hoping we will be open and listen. He has a simple and wonderful plan with no tricks or coercion required. God reminds us He is here but He is not going to force His way into our lives as the devil does.

The Lord used these two beautiful women to teach me to slow down, to smile, to trust, to be a good steward of all he has given me – not just of finances, but a good steward of my children and things more precious than all the money in the world. The Lord reminded me and sent me two angels this afternoon and for Him and them I am eternally grateful.

So to Betsy of New Central Baptist Church and Rochelle of Riverview Church, I cannot thank you enough. You were the topic of the dinner conversation with my boys and tonight you are in my heart and prayers. I wish there were words for what you gave me, and the $100 bill was just the tip of the iceburg. I needed that reminder that God is watching out for us, even when we make mistakes.

God Bless you both… XoXoXo ___________________________________‘I tell you, to everyone who has, more will be given, but from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away.’

God Bless…

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    1. Thanks for letting me share Rich. It really does sound like your story doesn’t it?

      If you think this is a one in a million, check out Rich Maffeo’s story and begin to have you faith in humanity restored! There really are SO many good people in God’s beautiful world! 🙂

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