Coloring Pages by A New Dad Raising His Son in a Christian World ScreenShotAs young, new dad, I know firsthand that choosing a Christian life is not an easy path in our modern world. Temptations surround us making it is easy to lose what is most important – living a pure life with God’s word in our hearts.

As a father, it is very important for me to raise my son right by being a good role model and showing him both of us need to grow in faith. My little boy’s Christian path will be full of obstacles disguised as temptations many of his peers will see as normal and fun instead of dangerous and destructive. The window I have to teach my son is small and those temptations and outside influences are big, so I know it is important to build and enhance faith in our youngest people from their very beginnings.

Obviously, there are faith-based activities we can engage children in. We should read and explain God’s Word to children when they are young. We should also take them to church, but I found myself asking if that was enough. I asked myself if there was something I could do to help my little boy live a pure life with God’s word in his heart so that he sees Christ in his every day?

Here is some of what I came up with. I hope it provides inspiration for other parents who want to raise their children to follow God and have fun doing it!

1) Music

Modern songs often carry sin and false promises of happiness. Nice sound is usually mixed with irresponsible messaging that can do serious harm in developing personalities. It is good to find songs that grow Christian spirit instead.

I have to admit that personally, I am a very bad singer. I would never dare to perform any song in public! Nevertheless, I have a feeling that when I sing lullabies to my little son, he really likes it. It calms him down. It seems that artistic value is not alway the most important thing! Don’t be ashamed of hearing your own voice either! Sing Christian songs with your children!

2) Fun Christian Screen ShotAll children just want to have fun. There is nothing wrong with that. We just need to make sure that fun is safe and decent. Moreover, we can use fun to show our children what is good and what is bad. An easy way to do this is through art. God is creator of Heaven, Earth, and even our children. How they love to imitate His creation through art!

One way I plan to help my little boy and families around the world enjoy the beauty of God’s creation is through coloring pages I designed and posted for everyone at TopColoringPages.NET. I encourage you to print them for free and spend quality time with your children explaining what they see on pictures while you color together.

Coloring is a calming activity for children and adults and opens doors for families to discuss Bible stories related to the particular coloring page. Also, children just adore superheroes right? TopColoringPages.Net may help you replace today’s fictitious superheros with a real life hero, Jesus Christ because, for me, the greatest superhero of all time is Jesus Christ. I hope that my son’s choice will be similar.

3) Sports

Sport are a beneficial and popular activity. Playing sports make children healthier and more fit, but we should always teach children what is fair play and the value in being friendly to our opponents. Someone may be a rival, but he is not an enemy and we are called to love in all things, no matter if we win or lose.

After the game, we must encourage children to shake hands with all players. They may ask, “What if someone else is playing unfairly?” Well I see it from time to time when I play football (American soccer) with my friends. For me, their behavior on the field, just like the behavior of others in all areas of life, is never an excuse to cheat or play unfairly myself. I think it is better to convince the child that emotions can be deceptive and should not spoil our friendly game. Playing in a clean way, again both on and off the field, is more fun in the long run!

4) Good Example

All parents should keep in mind that the most important value in bringing up children is providing a good example. Children copy their parents’ behaviors, their moves, and even their manner of speaking. So all our words will be wasted if we do not show our youngest that we also strive to be good people by being as close to God as possible.

This is the only way to create a really happy family. Our deeds don’t have to always be big. I believe direction is more important than than volume. For example, just yesterday I was in a small grocery shop and a young saleswoman gave me much too much change. I counted it, smiled, and said that she is too generous. Then I gave her back what she handed me by mistake. As I was walking away I smiled to myself and felt that God smiled on me too.


Above you can see just some examples of how we can provide a good environment for our children’s development. I would like to encourage you to be creative and make up your own ideas about how to invite God to your child’s everyday life. If you have ideas you’d like to share, please do so below or stop by my page at TopColoringPages.NET. . I’d really like to hear your thoughts and ideas.

God bless you all. - Founder & Son, Kris & AntoniAbout Kris:

My name is Krzysztof, “Kris,” and I am a father of a little boy named Antoni. He is just one year old. My work as a father started very recently, but I try to fulfill this role, which is the most important task in life, to the best of my ability. I hope to succeed and see my boy as an adult man who is a decent, respectable Christian person.

Maybe then I will feel that someone smiling on me from above again…

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God Bless…

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