My Comments On Tara’s Story

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Praying for Peace for Tara and Her Sons

Sometimes in my passion to right all the world’s wrongs at once, I over-speak.

When I posted my thoughts about Tara’s Story, I did just that. I read her story and saw it through my own eyes. I heard the comments people have made to me, and I responded to them. I tried to head off every naysayer Tara could ever be confronted with – and there will always be some! I was hoping to protect and defend Tara, but in doing so, maybe I was hoping to protect and defend myself as well. I was also trying to tell her that I understood some of what she is up against, but that she could overcome anything with faith.

But I overstepped my bounds,

and I failed miserably.

What I Should Have Said:

I spoke of Tara being perfectly Loved and of how proud I was of her, but I should have gone farther into the many positive traits I see in her. I should have made the entire post more positive.

I missed the mark. I may have missed the entire range.

Tara is a hero. Ceil, from Surrounded by the Spirit, reminded me (see the comments below) what a true hero Tara is and how much courage it takes to take three boys, leave an abusive man, and start over with almost nothing.

I know this.

But I never said it.

That was my mistake.

I should have spoken more positively about Tara

and I should have spoken less for her.

Tara did a fine job on her own without my comments.

I thought all day about the best way to handle it.

I think all I can do is to swallow my own pride and ask for forgiveness from Tara and others

and to thank Ceil for emphasizing the Good and the Power that Tara has in her.

I have also gotten in touch with Tara privately.

I was wrong. Please forgive me despite the fact that I am not worthy of it.

Please continue to pray for victims of domestic violence and for all those struggling and feeling alone in the world. Pray that they will realize that no one is ever truly alone.

God Bless…

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