Darryl Worley Sounds Like Life to Me – Midlife Crisis and Crisis Pregnancy – Reality Check

Pregnant Woman's Shadow
Pregnancy at midlife seemed unreal.

Darryl Worley came out with the hit tune Sounds Like Life to Me shortly after my husband left. I could not believe how well the song fit my life! It is like the man in the song was having my husband’s Mid Life Crisis on the radio.

While I do believe God allows things to happen for a reason and that he still has great plans in the works, it is nice to have a reminder like this song once in a while. I heard Sounds Like Life to Me twice in two days and figured I should share it with others experiencing similar problems.

To watch the video for Sounds Like Life to Me and read comments on YouTube Click Here

I hope it gives you a lift. Life is good!  🙂

God Bless…


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