Eternal Rest Grant Unto Him O Lord

Candle with flame - Holy Spirit
Rest in Peace

My heart is heavy. Tears stream down my cheeks. There is a lump in my throat that I cannot swallow as I write this. I just found out about the passing of a dear friend, a man I’ve known and loved and respected for years now.

I know I can’t do him justice here, but this man meant so much to me. He was the head of his family, a leader, a God-fearing, Lord-Loving man, in church every Sunday and always ready to greet us with a smile. When my husband left suddenly, he was one of the men who let me know that if we needed anything, ever, we could count on him. He was a retired member of the State Police and just a general, overall, good guy. He was a man who gave me hope that here are Good Men out there. He was a man I wanted my children to know as a role model. He was…

He was not someone I confided in or had over for family parties or anything of that sort, but he was someone I respected and admired and Loved as Jesus asks us to Love our neighbor. He was easy to Love, as are his wife, son, daughters, grandchildren – the amazing legacy he leaves behind will thrive beyond his own flesh and blood family to the many others, like myself, who also knew and loved him.

His wife, his children, his grandchildren all dear friends of ours too. All people I could call on if I ever needed anyone, people I HAVE called on when I needed someone. I know the sorrow in my heart today. I cannot imagine theirs.

This wonderful man had stage IV cancer for years and battled it valiantly. We all watched him lose a tremendous amount of weight and watched as his strong, powerful frame withered away before our eyes. This man, who used to stand above the rest in our Communion line, came to wait patiently at the back of the church in his wheel chair too frail to be moved more than necessary.

And yet still there was that smile, that kind word, that lift of his hand to say hello when he could manage little else.

And still I thought he’d pull through.

Somehow, against the odds, against the evidence I saw each week, I really thought he’d make it. He seemed to me to be one of those guys who could conquer anything, and his death took me by surprise.

The sorrow at his loss does not.

Death is conquerable by only one man, and it is to Him I know my friend will return.

Thank you for living a life we could respect, my dear friend. You are Loved.

Please pray for my friend and his family today. The world has lost a great man.

Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord

And let perpetual Light shine upon him.

May he rest in peace.

May his soul and all the souls of the faithfully departed

Rest in peace.

~ Amen

God Bless

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8 thoughts on “Eternal Rest Grant Unto Him O Lord”

  1. I am so so so sorry, dear.

    Of course I pray, especially for this man’s family and all who knew him, — including you and your own family.

    It sounds like he was a veteran of WWII?

    I just lost my mom, born in 1927, to lung cancer. I wish she had stopped smoking a long time ago, when I first told her to do so, like 1956.

    Another friend died recently of lung cancer, at the young age of 56 years 🙁

    I know you haven’t said that your friend had lung cancer.

    1. Thank you Diana. Actually, he was not a WWII Vet, although he did also have a Military Background, he would have been far too young to serve at that time. My friend did not die of lung cancer and wasn’t a smoker. It is just one of those things. I am so sorry to hear about your mom and your friend; smoking causes so much pain to so many families. I will pray for them tonight too.

    1. Thank you for your beautiful words, Eileen. His passing will affect many, but there is hope to be reunited one day with so many who have touched our lives.

  2. I am so very sorry for your loss. What a great man to have touched your life so profoundly. One day you will be together again. But, for now, allow yourself time to grieve equal to the depth of love you have for him. Hugs to you, dear new friend.

    1. Thank you, Diane. He was a great man who touched so many lives. I am blessed to have known just a small part of him and his amazing family.

  3. A beautiful man who raised a beautiful family. You are right, words cannot do men like him justice. Praying for the family and community.

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