Fantasy of What a Snow Day Morning Would Look Like

Kaleb Shoveling Snow (2011)
Okay, I know this is an older picture, but I didn’t take any of this year’s snow, and I LOVE that, by the fifth kid, I didn’t even bother with boots for Kaleb! HAHA! Was he scarred for life by that? Nah, he’s learned to go with the flow better than any of us, and we had a blast! I’ll post more photos of this day in future posts!

Snow Day Fantasy

So yesterday we had our first snow day. I am actually writing this on the morning of the snow day itself from the sanctuary of my job that ended almost an hour ago! Let me explain what I imagined a snow day morning would look like and why I chose to stay at work and write rather than go home immediately.

Snow days are not typical days. Yesterday I posted about what our typical morning is like. I had been planning to do a side-by-side comparison of a typical morning and a snow day morning but explaining my typical morning just took WAY too long.

And I did leave out a ton of the details, like how often some silly boy can’t find his pants or how many times the toilet needs to be unclogged or the number of complaints I hear about the amount of jelly on the sandwiches or how we never have any good cereal or how many times I have to remind these boys to brush their teeth or… well, you get the idea!

Snow days always fill my head with visions of the perfect family. The boys would stroll out of bed one at a time around 9 AM. They’d be warm and sleepy, squishy and cuddly, and I would sit and hug each of them in turn, and they, of course, would want to be warm and squishy back (Hey, this is my fantasy!)

I’d make a pot of cinnamon and brown sugar oatmeal; we’d sit and read together, play a few friendly board games, and then begin a day baking Christmas cookies. The house would be filled with delicious smells of cinnamon and nutmeg and powdered sugar glaze. Christian radio would be playing in the background, and, needless to say, everyone, rosy cheeked and smiling angelically, would get along splendidly.

At the appointed time, if I had to go to work, I’d kiss five little cherubs on their chubby, scrubbed clean little cheeks, breathing in the wholesome goodness of my sweet sons as I did so, and they’d wave out the window as I blow kisses and drive down the street.

It’s funny how short my fantasy snow day morning is. When everything goes smoothly in life, there’s less material to write about! My intention was to finish this post with the realities of what my snow day morning was actually like, but maybe I will leave that for another day. I think I will take a few moments to enjoy this fantasy for just a bit longer.

Check back Friday, November 29th, to find out how our snow day morning really turned out!

God Bless…