Find Reasons to Smile & Let the Good Triumph – I Will Not Be Done In!


Three Reasons To Smile
Three of my many reasons to smile - They look really goofy like this don't they??? I LOVE IT! xoxoxo to my little guys!

Done in! It’s how I have felt this week – definitely not the way I wanted to start the new year. I am exhausted and part of me wants to just give up, but I will find reasons to smile and let the good triumph over the bad. There always are good things that happen. It’s just that some days take more searching to find that good.

Things Making Me Feel   Done In

God Will Let the Good   Triumph!

Seat   Belt Ticket (And I ALWAYS wear my seatbelt!-Stupid Me!!!) It   should not go on my license or affect my insurance.
Two   people I love who have a large family are experiencing marital trouble. They   are still together and that means there is hope. Please pray for them.
Our   Propane FROZE! We had no heat on the coldest day yet this winter. I have   a great friend who crawled around our freezing attic with me, made phone   calls until he found the problem, and then ran heaters up – even though he   was not feeling well. Thanks Fluff! 😉
My 14   year old, who has been not feeling well for a while, finally really got sick,   was up all night, and had to stay home from school. I know it’ll go through   the rest of the house soon. He is   old enough that I left him home when I had to be in court and go to work.   Maybe everyone else won’t catch it – the power of positive thinking!
I had   to go to court for our foreclosure conference. My ex did not show up so it is   another thing that falls entirely on my shoulders – and they are tired. The   court referee and bank lawyer were both very nice about it. My shoulders may   be tired, but they are strong and, like Moses, I have people to hold me up   when I grow weary.
The   boys were fooling around in their room and a pillow hit the light hanging   from their ceiling. Glass shattered and sprayed everywhere – in the   carpeting, bedding, toys, shoes, clothing. It has taken literally hours to   clean. The   boys helped clean everything up. The really are some great kids even when   they do active, boneheaded boy things. I have to take a deep breath and   remember that! :S
Today   is my husband’s girlfriend’s birthday and the boys will go and celebrate with   them. I try not to judge her, but some days it’s hard. This is   a tough one…I guess the only positive I can come with here is that she is   older than I am – lol
I was   able to secure a room (With a SmartBoard!!!) in a neighboring town for my SAT   class and hope to add more classes and have many students this spring.
I have   five wonderful boys and an amazing God to love me.
I can   still see the good triumph over the bad and know that God never gives us   anything we cannot handle. I still have reasons to SMILE! J


There are always more reasons to smile, than reasons to frown. Let the good triumph in your life! Thank you Jesus xoxo God Bless…



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