Five Minute Friday – Fill

dice with question mark, face, arrow
So filled with questions and doubt that I never got to my real post! UGH!

Fill, questions fill my mind already like

can I change fill to Full?

It’s my first time on Five Minute Friday. we are given five minutes to write and drop perfection behind. I just discovered fmf, and I’ve been trying to figure it out all day. It didn’t quite match what I had wanted to post about today. Should I? Shouldn’t I?

Could I reschedule? Should I reschedule?

Questions fill my mind.

It’s my first five minute Friday – what if I mess up by changing the rules.

Besides, five minutes isn’t much time.

Do they know how loooong it takes me to write a blog post?

Do they know I failed typing in high school – failed miserably (true story!)

Do they know my typing teacher was only a few years older than we were and her name was Patty Gatti?

Do they know that I used to sit in the office of my Catholic school long after everyone else had gone home and only Stanley, the Polish janitor who didn’t speak English (and didn’t shower either – true story!) but was super nice and always had a ready smile, and I were left in the building?

Do they know that Sister Mary Delane and Sister Pat and Sister John Agnes and even Sister Joann, who scared everyone else (but not me! – true story!), and both Father Tims and of course my beloved Miss Mannix and all the other wonderful people in that school that I Loved gave me letter after letter to type so that I could earn enough points to bring my grade up so I could play sports?

Do they know I am really just a dumb jock who passed because her typing grades were doctored – just a little bit – thanks to generous extra credit in typing!?!

Do they know that I wasted my entire year’s tuition worth of crumpled paper that year?

Do they know…


or that I often go off on tangents? I didn’t even get to what I wanted to say.

And I’m already over my limit.

No wonder my kids tune me out.

Well, maybe next time I’ll have something worthwhile to say – in five freaking minutes?!? 

God Bless…

PS My voicemail messages are kinda like this too – it’s honestly a curse. Sorry 🙂

PPS Thanks to Kate Motaung for hosting her first Five Minute Friday – she handled it with much greater aplomb, with much more grace than I did! <Thank God!>

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6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Fill”

  1. Hello! Stopping in from FMF. The five minutes does go too fast!! I LOVE LOVE the picture in your header. A mama and her boys! As far as breaking the rules, I’ll admit I do fix spelling mistakes when I catch them. Lol. Other wise it drives me crazy! Nice to meet you. Welcome to the clan. (fyi, you need to use Kate’s new five minute Friday button to link people to her site 🙂

    1. Ack! Breaking more rules by using the wrong button! I’m just a rebel at heart I guess! 😉 Thanks, Melinda, and sorry Kate! I fixed it!

  2. I loved the tangents. I know exactly what you mean. Instead of tangents, my issue is perfectionism. It’s so hard to just type, write and not want to edit it even once.

    1. Ugh Erika! Perfectuonism in my writing is one of my things too! (It is killing me to leave that misspelling there, but I’m hoping it’ll help us both get over that perfectionism!)
      Now, if only a bit of that perfectionist thing would spill over into my housekeeping, cooking, laundry, driving,… 😉

  3. Your first Five Minute Friday post! Yay! You definitely had me chuckling .. Five minutes?!? 😉 So glad you linked up, and hope to see you next week and the week after that, and .. 😉

    1. Thanks so much Kate! I am really shocked by how quickly 5 minutes goes by when it’s something I enjoy and how slowly time passes when it’s your kid having a temper tantrum in line at the bank or something.
      Thanks for agreeing to host this linkup! It was fun, and I will be way more professional next time…unless some other random, unrelated thoughts happen to cross my mind. Yeah…with only 5 minutes and no editing I’m thinking you’ll see a lot of tangent posts from me! 🙂

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