“Found” – By Tara Jean

White Flower - Peace
Tara’s response to the judgement of others on her, an abusive survivor & single mom of 3 boys.

Tara, whose story appeared on Single Mom Smiling, sent this to me. As you read, please pray for Tara, her three sons, and abused women and children everywhere.


August 12, 2011 at 12:53am

Look in the mirror I dont recognize my own face

tired eyes, pale skin my smile is out of place.

I look around no-one understands

alone? 3 boys to hold my hands

Might be a struggle might be hard

I look at my hand not one good card

But I have 3 boys who look at me

to show them the way.

3 boys who love me, hug me at the end

of my day.

People talk people snicker people judge

but they wont wave me and I wont grudge

Im going to fight! Do the best that I can do

Trust in God find my path, my cue

Im sure you are all perfect and have not made

any mistakes

So go ahead laugh, judge talk about me see

my stregnth, Im tall -no shakes.

Some of you think I took the wrong road

but this is what I needed a heavy load

It made me who I am me strong independent and caring

You wont meet another woman not afraid of life Daring

So watch out world naysayers and cats

I keep my eye on the ball not on your bats

-Tara Jean

God Bless You Tara Jean.

God Bless Your Boys.

God Bless…

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