G is for Gun Control

Gun Control Sign - Gun Free Zone
This only works if it is everywhere – including in our homes, which is impossible and invasive.

Gun control, school shootings, hunting accidents, gang violence – all of it makes my heart hurt.

  • those mischievous, toothless grins on the Sandy Hook children,
  • the Virginia Tech victims, so full of hope and potential,
  • our heroic men and women, defenders of Freedom, protectors of the Constitution, sitting ducks at Fort Hood – twice.

I’m sure when Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me,” he didn’t mean ~ Expedite their way in bodies riddled with bullet holes.

I am a peace-seeking, Catholic-Christian, mother of 5 sweet boys, so why I am against additional gun control in America?

Gun Control, Free Will, & Me as the Head of my House:

As a single mom of five boys, I am now fully responsible for the well being of my family. God created man to be head of the household, but He also gave man free will. My husband used his free will to leave, which left me with choices too. I can cower in the corner, or I can do my best to fulfill both roles. God did not create His children to cower, but to live bravely.

For God did not give us a spirit of cowardice but rather of power and love and self-control.

2 Timothy 1:7

I am now responsible for protecting my family. It is a role I never wanted, but God entrusted me with the job, so I better do all I can to protect and my children.

Free will means that some people will choose to harm others.  That means that one day I may have to decide whether force is used against my children or against an individual intent on harming them.

If that time ever comes, I pray I will, as 2 Timothy says, use the power of Love to change the person’s heart, and I plan to exercise self-control by waiting until I am sure of what I am doing and why. Pulling the trigger is near the bottom of my list of choices, but it is above choosing death for my children. I can’t imagine too many mothers would disagree.

Gun Control & Unfair Burdens

There are those who say we should wait for law enforcement, which is definitely best choice IF possible; however, because of time or distance, waiting isn’t always possible. When we are unable to protect ourselves, we rely on another, usually law enforcement, to use the very force we find objectionable, do not wish to be responsible for, or fail to be trained in. Sometimes that force comes at a great price to the officer who now puts his/her life on the line.

By choosing greater gun control, we put 100% of the burden for our safety on law enforcement. 

Reliance on Government or on God?

The Bible tells us to rely solely on God, but when the government becomes the only entity capable of protection, the government selects who it will protect – and who it will sacrifice. This turns citizens into subjects and makes those subjects fearful and reliant on the government rather than God.

We should not rely on the gun for protection either though.

Instead, we should rely on the intelligence and talents God has given us, the hard work we dedicate to learning marksmanship, and our conscientious application of gun safety. Relying on those things is far preferable to relying on government “protection.”

By eliminating guns, the government will also take away the ability to supply meat for my family. When you rely on the government for food, when you cannot for whatever purpose supply your family with food, you lose a piece of who you were meant to be and again rely on the government to supply your food over God providing you with it.

My heart goes to victims of gun violence, a very real problem, but the Bible also tells us to not to be led by our hearts. Our hearts can pull us together, but they can also be easily led astray.

Taking a life is always harmful, but by not acting, you may be acting, and the life you take may be your child’s.

How will you defined your family if you are in danger? Which choice would you make?

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God Bless…

2 thoughts on “G is for Gun Control”

  1. A brave stand in this world today. But there are more people out there that agree with you than you would think. You might not always get comments from them. But I am among those that stand with you on all the above points.
    Donna Smith
    The A-to-Z Challenge
    Mainely Write

    1. Thanks Donna, I debated on writing a couple of these posts, but we can’t sit back and hope someone else speaks up. God didn’t make us to be timid. I will definitely make some mistakes, but I can’t be afraid to take a stand. Glad to know you’ll say something too! 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by. I will definitely head over to your site as well.

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