God Has Blessed Us Again This Christmas

God Has Blessed Us this Christmas

It’s incredible that three years ago I was barely pregnant with Kaleb and my life revolved around my husband and children. I never would have guessed how full circle I could have come in three short years.

I realized this week that I was well on my way to healing. I was listening to the Glenn Beck Show when it hit me. Glenn is moving his family to Texas and has taken the week off to relocate and enjoy Christmas. While I think his fill-ins do a good job, no one can replace Glenn Beck and I
found myself saying aloud, “I miss you Glenn!” as I drove down the road.

Yes, I do often talk to myself. It’s only when the voices answer back that I have to worry 😉

It was then that I realized I missed Glenn Beck more than I missed my husband and laughed out loud. Thank you Glenn wherever you are!

Fred and his reading teacher will have their long awaited “Fudge Off” to determine who makes the best fudge. In typical 10 year old fashion, Fred added every topping he could find (mini marshmallows, sprinkles, mint chips, and more). I know his reading teacher can’t win (no matter how good her fudge is) because most of the judges will be 10 year olds who know the more sugar you throw on fudge the better it is. I thank God for the teachers Fred has this year. They have made such a difference in his confidence and abilities and all our lives!

Tonight the boys will go with their father and not return until late Christmas Eve. While I still wish things were different, I know that before my husband left I never had a break from the children. Now, I get a few hours a week and the occasional overnight to myself. The day before Christmas I will really appreciate the time!

Matt will celebrate his 13th birthday on Christmas Day so we have an extra reason to be happy. My life is full of gifts which cannot be bought and I know God has always watched over us.

We will also celebrate the birth of the Baby Jesus and I will continue to wonder at the power God has to change our lives and allow us to experience good even in the midst of heartache.

Also this week:

  • Noah got a 100% on a test! Something that has not happened in…well…ever!
  • We decorated the house – finally!
  • It’s been unusually warm making me long to move back south.
  • My friend Joe allowed me to comment on and challenge an article he had written for Foster Friess. They gave me encouragement in my writing and life. Thank you Foster Friess and Joe!
  • We have received our Giving Tree gifts and I know the boys will believe in Santa. Thank you to all involved. You are in my prayers.


I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope you allow the Love of the Lord to light your life. May God continue to Bless You.

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