Good Morning Everyone

Good Morning Everyone says this Sleep deprived woman from days gone by
A sleep deprived single mom?

Good morning everyone, and I say that with a touch of optimism only known by the insane and truly sleep deprived.

Good morning, good morning, good morning everyone! <Yes, I am singing that this morning. It is not a real song, nor is it anything you would ever want to hear me sing. NOTHING I sing is anything anyone would ever want to hear!)

Yesterday George came home and…guess what??? Yep, “Mom I don’t feel good.”

Dreading the worst, I took my handy dandy flashlight and, proudly feeling like a not so sexy CSI detective, told him to open his mouth. Tiny canker sores dot the roof of his mouth. He went into bed and slept for two hours.

The rest of the post describes last night and an attempt to explain my sleep deprivation:


I finally got the boys to bed (did I mention we have no normal bedtime and that 9:30 is actually far earlier than most nights?) but I had promised to read to them. It wasn’t their fault they weren’t in bed earlier. We were trying to straighten up and I have pulled out a bunch of winter clothes since I live in fear of CPS asking why my kids are still dressed in shorts and tee shirts at the end of October.

“Good Morning Everyone!”

I awkwardly interrupt this post to sing because I need to be happy in a manic sort of way I never experienced before abandonment.

Now back to reality…

I got the boys to bed around 9:30 and, in my effort to show them they must always keep their word, I began reading. Thankfully George wanted just one chapter so I was able to get out of there quickly.


Except that getting out of there meant Kaleb wanted to come too. He and I used to sleep together every night, but I have been trying to get him to sleep on his own now. I wonder how much he remembers of those earlier days. Is it possible a baby of barely two can remember two months ago and want to cuddle the way we used to? He’s so darn sweet. I have a hard time putting him back in bed and end up staying with him until he settles down.


I sneak out of the room hoping Kaleb’s on his way to dreamland. Noah’s been out cold for almost an hour now having fallen asleep as soon as his little head hit the pillow, and George is well on his way.

10:50 I sneak back into the boys’ room. We have the world’s worst toothfairy and George lost two teeth – TWO! Who loses two teeth in one day? Anyway, George lost two teeth two days ago, and I am running out of excuses as to why the toothfairy has not come yet. Add to that the fact that while putting a clean sheet on his bed, I threw everything onto the floor – including the teeth! – and I’m experiencing some major Mommy Guilt!

So at 10:50 I sneak back in under the guise of picking up dirty laundry and find George is still awake. Not only that, but he has caught a second wind and wants to chat.


I give up all hope of George going back to sleep on his own and crawl in next to him.


I fall asleep while George is talking to me.


I awake to find George glaring at me. Ooops yep, I fell asleep. Sorry buddy.


I finally put an end to this chatter and tell him to go to sleep too. I tell myself there will be no more afternoon naps for George. I don’t care how sick he is! I tell myself it’s okay that I feel absolutely no Mommy Guilt for this!


My back hurts on George’s horrible mattress, and I wish I could buy him a new one. I get up and leave the room preferring a sleeping bag and foam roll on the floor.


Kaleb wakes up and needs mom.


Troy has another middle of the night bloody nose.


My alarm goes off. I snooze for 30 minutes and now here I am.

I started my day late. I can hardly move my back hurts so badly from awful sleeping areas and pulling out heavy boxes and carrying them upstairs and yet I feel an insane urge to smile. This is going to be a good day or at least it’s going to be a better day than the night I had, and for that I can be thankful!

And so I will sing again in the high pitched crackly voice of the insanely optimistically, sleep deprived…

Good morning, good morning, good morning everyone!

PS Reading this two years later, I find this to be a very weird post. What was I thinking when I chose that picture and wrote this post??? I have no idea – Ahhh…sleep deprivation is a wonderful excuse! _________________________________________________________________________________

It is good to give thanks to the Lord, to sing praise to your name, Most High, to proclaim your love in the morning, your faithfulness in the night.

Psalm 92:2-3

God Bless…

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