Home From Boy Scout Camp-Finally! Part I

Boys Scouts ready for camp
Ready to Leave for Camp – After a whirlwind summer, I can’t find my camera with the pick up from camp pics but promos they’ll come soon someday!

Matt, George, and Noah got to go to Boy Scout Camp thanks to an incredibly generous donation from an anonymous donor, but by the end of the first day, one of my boys was already begging to come home and another was angry at me for sending him (Even though he had wanted to go before the drama of leaving).

As a Mom, this kind of thing breaks your heart. I could have very easily have driven the four hours up and rescued them from camp. I did in fact drive up midweek to just let them know I was still here for them and that I Love them, but I still couldn’t, or wouldn’t, bring them home.

They had made a commitment; they had something to accomplish.

But I did agree to pick them up at the end of the last day. They could help pack up whatever needed to be packed, clean up the Troop’s stuff, and miss nothing more than sleeping in the daddy-long-leg infested tent.

As the time to leave home Friday drew closer, I grew antsier and antsier. I wanted to see my boys. I prayed that they were okay and dared to hope that they’d had fun. Last I’d seen them, the sky was darkening and they had run off to be with friends, but still I couldn’t wait for pick up day to come. I think I was more anxious to be sure they were okay, than they were to see me.

Troy had to work (and really didn’t feel like making the 8+ hour round trip excursion to Boy Scout camp anyway) so Kaleb and I made the trek alone. As we got closer, I said something about the camp and you could almost hear his wheels spinning in his head.

Wait! the stern voice came from the middle of my minivan where Kaleb was strapped into his booster seat holding his hand up in a HALT position toward me, You mean you went up here without me???

I fought back the giggle at how indignant he was at the thought that I did anything without him.

It was a long ride, but Kaleb and I chatted happily most of the way and then stopped to enjoy a quick swim at a public beach near the camp. He enjoyed a couple little ride on toys and digging in the sand and was an amazing little companion. I’ve long since learned that it’s best to let kids take breaks when traveling, and this was one of our better stops. I treasured this little time alone with just the two of us and no distractions, but it was too quickly time to go. I didn’t want to be driving home too late into the night, and we still had to get the boys!

Last time, I arrived to hugs and kisses before I’d even found a parking space. This time, I arrived to a deserted camp. No one was in sight and I felt their absence. Just a few more minutes I thought to myself and, grabbing Kaleb’s hand, the two of us set off to explore and find the boys. I figured they’d be at closing ceremonies where they do skits and such on the final night, and we found them easily.

Kaleb and I stood near the back until he quickly found Matt and went to sit with him. When it was our Troop’s turn, my boys were the only ones not to participate and I’d later find out that Matt wasn’t sure what time I’d be there and didn’t want to commit to something and not be able to fulfill his commitment or to make me wait around.

The boys’ skits are goofy and often filled with just a tinge of “clean” potty humor that boys, inexplicably, seem to love, and their skit was no exception. When it was over, Kaleb and I went back to the sleeping area to load our car and wait for the boys.

It wasn’t long until the show was over and kids started straggling back, and I was again greeted by bear hugs from George and Noah and a very mature kiss on the cheek from my big guy, Matt.

But this greeting was different…

To read the rest of Home From Boy Scout Camp and find out what the boys thought of camp, please click here.

God Bless…

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