I’m Sending My Kid to College to Learn Satanism

Evil on our children's  campus?
There is evil on our children’s campuses.

Satan is real.

Satan’s worshipers are real.

And they want your kids!

Are you cringing yet?

I am. I don’t like this post already. I don’t want to have to write it, but I’m going to because sometimes when we say nothing, we speak at deafening volumes.

And this is too important!

Satan can be subtle, moving the window of acceptability only slightly, patiently baby stepping us away from our foundation so that, by the time we finally look back, the morals we began with, distorted by time and distance, seem arcane and ridiculous.

Satan can also be blunt, using the sledgehammer approach, hitting us over the head with audacity so shocking that the uninformed are drawn to check it out, never realizing they are treading into quick sand, a putrid, infested cesspool of living evil.

Monday night, Harvard University, in the name of cultural awareness, teetered on the brink of becoming one such cesspool by inviting Satan Worshipers to perform a Black Mass forcing the question I’ve asked since founding my test prep business several years ago:

Why we are sending our children to college?

Before reading further, list three reasons to send your child to college or three things you think he will gain from the college “experience.”

Did your answers include:

  1. To advance his education
  2. To meet new people and learn about other cultures
  3. To provide a greater opportunity for financial gain

Now ask yourself:

  1. Are these really the goals of raising a child?
  2. Does child-rearing end at college drop-off?

Think of the discussions many are likely to have about the college “experience.”

Are not many more likely to ask our sons about that girl he hooked up with last night thereby encouraging him to take her back to his room than to ask him how the morning’s poly Sci lecture relates to Jesus’ life as seen in the day’s Rosary?

Are not many more likely to nudge our daughters and joke about keg stands and frat parties than we are to ask her about the week’s sermon or how Mary, a true Lady, would approach the bar scene? Do we discuss virtues that led Mary to be married to Joseph while so many others end up with…someone – less?

If we do not discuss going to college in terms of developing who our children want to be as men and as women,

if we FAIL to give them the basis of their faith,

we leave gaps that will be filled. 

What will those gaps be filled with?

Sometimes the better a program sounds, the scarier it is:

Freedom of Choice

The Safe Act

The Patriot Act


All sound beneficial, but all have decidedly negative roots and outcomes.

We Can Avoid This by Choosing Catholic or Christian Colleges:

Not necessarily!  It is no longer enough to send children to a faith-based school. It hasn’t been for a long time.

My Catholic college did little to teach about the Catholic faith.

But it did arrange for students to attend a mandatory, on campus lecture during which a representative from Planned Parenthood spoke of abortion and racism in the pro-life movement.

And, my alma mater is not alone in denying Christian principles and Catholic doctrine:


Notre Dame

Georgetown (again)

And there are more I’ll add with time.

So, why are we sending our kids to college?

Harvard used to be the standard by which many would compare themselves, but there are now many “Harvards,” places willing to sell integrity for money, fame, or power. In an effort to promote cultural awareness, Harvard has cheapened itself. Instead of holding lofty goals, it took the lowest element of society and welcomed it in.

Thankfully, the Boston Archdiocese put out a massive public awareness campaign, including the signing of a petition by several Harvard students and alumni, and the event was finally moved off campus – for now.

But what goes on behind closed doors?

Is the discussion dropped or will professors continue to push their version of cultural awareness? Will high ranking, well educated, gifted Catholic speakers be invited to counter such assaults?

Today, at almost any college, we can expect some college professor or student organization to tempt our children into their version of cultural awareness.

If we do not prepare our children for such an onslaught, we might as well say out loud,

“I’m sending my kid to college to learn satanism,”

<cringing again!>

because sometimes when we say nothing, we speak at deafening volumes

And we can be sure our children hear us not saying anything.

And we can be sure our children hear the dark side clearly.

My next post will discuss how to stand against such darkness.

In the meantime, please pray for our sons and daughters as they prepare to leave high school, already bastions of deceit in the name of cultural awareness. Pray for the parents, college professors, and staff guiding those children. Pray for those lured into such deception. 

For more information about choosing the right college, check out this article by the Cardinal Newman Society.

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God Bless…

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