It Will Get Better Soon – The Norton 360 Antivirus with Back Up Protection Disaster

Norton 360 will not protect this laptop.
Norton 360 will not protect your files.

It will get better soon right? I am entirely too glad to see this week come to an end. It started last Saturday with the demise of my laptop and a word of caution to anyone using Norton antivirus with back up protection – Do not ever use Norton!!!

Norton 360 Anti-Virus with Back-Up Protection Disaster

I made the decision last July that if I was going to get more heavily into SAT Prep and online writing etc. that I would pay the extra money to purchase back up protection in case, God forbid, anything happened to my computer. Well, it did crash Saturday night – literally.

I was tired. My foot got tangled in the cord, and I pulled the laptop off the couch. It crashed onto the floor landing on the part that gets plugged in. A piece inside loosened so it can no longer be charged. While I did back up some of my files beforehand, I had relied on Norton anti-virus with back up protection (Norton 360) to handle most of my back-ups.

Sunday, I spent over 8 hours on the phone with different Norton 360 personnel. Monday it was 6 hours. Tuesday it was 3, and they said they would call back later that day. It is now friday, and I am still waiting for that call.

At first they said they had none of my files backed up at all. Then they had files, but they could not access them. Once I was told there was something wrong on my end. Then there was a mishap on their end. Then it was a 6GB file which was too big for their systems and they were having a special team look into retrieval.

6GB fits on a thumbdrive. It’s basically some word documents, a couple small power point presentations, and some family photos.

And then they charged me $39.99 to retrieve the files. I had already paid for them to be backed up, there should not have been an additional retrieval fee – AND THEY HAVE NOT RETRIEVED THE FILES!!!

I should have backed up the files on my own. It would make me laugh wryly if I had not lost so much information. If anything these past few years has taught me, it should have been to not rely on anyone. That’s not meant to sound harsh. It’s just that … well, you never know.

To make matters worse, we were scheduled for our final divorce trial this Wednesday and Thursday and those files contained almost three years of documentation.

I caution anyone against purchasing Norton 360 antivirus protection with back up.

It Will Get Better Soon – Part II

Tomorrow I will continue the lengthy review of the week. Please come back and see how the trial went!

It will get better soon. Everything in this life is temporary. Thank you Jesus for making the difficult moments passing moments and giving us so much to look forward to!  ~Amen~

God Bless…

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