Lent, Instagram, and Symbolism

I’m not a big Instagagram-er, but when I heard about the photo a day for Lent, I figured I had to try it again. I knew what Instagram was (vaguely) from Cristina over at Filling My Prayer Closet, and it’s been on my list of things to do, but it’s a very long list, and Instagram is not one of my top priorities by any means.

Anyway, Cristina is a Catholic convert who I often think knows more about our Catholic faith than I ever did growing up. I love how Cristina unabashedly shares her experiences and her love of our Lord and those who have modeled the Catholic faith so beautifully for us. She has helped me become more vocal in my faith and in appreciation for the gifts and freedoms we are allowed here.

Pairing Cristina’s enthusiasm with the horror of religious persecution we see in other lands and that is now sprinting toward our open boarders, helps us realize how Blessed we are to be able to worship the way we wish, pray what we Believe, and have Faith in a better, more Loving tomorrow. That paired with the Pope’s call for a new Evangelization got me thinking of how much we take our faith for granted, how spoiled we’ve become, how we forget to tell the world of the Good God has given us even while we are complaining about the bad.

So often in Lent we give up something of no real value or sacrifice to us, and even when we do make a real sacrifice, our small dutiful “giving up” is met with little resistence in the face of temptation. We break down. We hide thinking no one will find out. Me make excuses because, “We’re good people anyway,” or “Giving something up is just a dumb idea,” or something equally convincing.

What if we tried something different instead? What if we tried something positive?  What if, instead of giving up, we specifically went to our social networking sites and spent just a few minutes sharing and leading people back to our Lord? How could doing this change our lives? How could they change those around you? How could they change the world?

Today, I (finally) figured out Instagram and am thrilled to be followng the CatholicSistas in their post a photo for Lent challenge. The @CatholicSistas have picked a word for each day from Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday, and Instagramers are finding photos that correspond with the word of the day and posting them. It’s an easy task, but what a great way to promote the Lord, our Savior, Jesus Christ!

Today’s #Instagram #Lent topic is SYMBOL.

This is what I thought about the topic of SYMBOL.

     The Symbol

Symbol – an empty box, a broken promise, a rock lost and missing from its setting. These three bound together, wound forever, free only by another…

THE symbol which held the man who is our God risen from the empty tomb, despite our broken promises. The Rock come to gather the missing and the lost. The Rock come to set us free.

The Rock come to lead us, come to teach us, come to give us Hope. The Rock come to correct us and protect us, come to change us and remain with us, come to give us a seed of faith. The Rock come to lead us Home.

The Rock is not a symbol, but The One who cannot be symbolized, only He can symbolize what is real and true and right. The Rock. The Light. The Lion. The Lamb. The Bread. The Wine. All are symbols but weak symbols for the ONE who cannot be symbolized.

Please join me in praying for Catholic Christian, faithful marriages today.


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  2. Why don’t I ever know when you mention me so I can thank you?! You are such an inspiration to me and I think of you all the time. <3 I need to send you an email, questions questions!

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