Life’s “If Onlys”…

If only this warty pumpkin could be turned into a magical coach and sweep me away to the ball…or at least get some cute, magical, little cartoon critters to clean my house for me, then Life would be Good!

If only I was thinner…


more like her…

If only my parents…

my spouse…

my children…

If only I had more money, more time, the right car, a better home,…

“If onlys…” can take up much of our time and energy and trick us into believing “If only this happened, life would be so much better.”

And sometimes we’re right,

 But often times we aren’t.

I too have fallen for believing, “If only something would happen….

I’d have more time.

I’d have more money.

Everything would fall into place.

But when my particular most anticipated, “if only” did happen, it didn’t miraculously fix everything.

Which opened the doors for those other thoughts.

Why did I want this?

 I’m not smart enough.

I’m not good enough!

I Discovered my, “If only…” hadn’t magically perfected our lives after all. 

“If onlys” can be great when we’re dreaming and role playing and having fun, but when life stops or waits or rests on the granting of our “if onlys” or when we think achieving our “if onlys” will drastically change our lives we may be setting ourselves up for disappointment.

So often life is wasted hoping for our “If onlys…” that we forget

Real Hope does not lie in the arms of the “If only.”

Real Hope lies in the arms of the Only One who never said,

If only the people Loved the Father more, I wouldn’t have to be born in a stable.

Real Hope lies in the arms of the Only One who never said,

If only the people didn’t sin, I wouldn’t have to die on a Cross.

Jesus saw a need, heard the Father’s Command, embraced the Strength of the Holy Spirit, and took action, trusting in His Father even in His darkest hours.

How Can We Be More Like Jesus when we are Disappointed in What Life Brings?

Achieving an “if only” does not magically erase any doubt, fear, or concern.

When our “If onlys” don’t come true exactly as we’d hoped, we can remember where Real Hope comes from and take a moment to pray first and foremost.

Periodically taking time to reflect and rest, revive and rejuvenate helps us find Peace despite the outcome of our “If onlys…”

And we can act no matter where we are. God doesn’t need or want perfection from us. He wants us to stop getting caught up in waiting and bemoaning our “If onlys” and act where we are. Jesus didn’t say,

If only I could hurry up and die, my Life will be perfect again.

Instead, at each step of Jesus’ life, He used where He was and who He was with to do His part, great and small, to bring people to the Father.

God understands but never accepts our “If onlys…” as excuses for waiting to do what is right or for giving less than our best.”

He didn’t accept the If only from Moses when He said, “If only I was a more eloquent speaker…”

He didn’t accept the If only from Jeremiah when he said “If only I was older…”

He didn’t accept Saint Paul’s If only when he said, “If only I hadn’t persecuted so many Christians…”

God the Father used each of them in their current positions and situations and skill levels and pasts to do His work – and what amazing results they had!

Imagine what He can do for you and with you!

What “If only…” is holding you up? What do you believe you could you achieve if you only had…? How can you concentrate more on being successfully faithful where you are rather than concentrating on where you would be if things were different?

You are where you are for a reason, a mixture of your choices, the choices of those around you, and the sieve God filters your experiences through. Use where you are and who you are to do the best you can and let the rest lie in the arms of the one who never utters the words, “If only…” even though He has every right to.

God Bless…

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