Mother’s Day Photos Because With 5 Boys, Every Day is Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

What is life really like in a house of five boys?

It can be a lot of work, but it’s a LOT of fun too – This is just part of why I wouldn’t trade my life for anything!

Sonogram Picture - Baby waving hello

Conception = purpose – From the beginning, each child has a purpose ~ This is my son.

Unplanned pregnancy - newborn photo

Conception = possibility!  A day old – This little one was specially planned!

Pride in serving God through altar serving

Family = teaching. Children to serve the Lord.


all of us

…or not!


Noah (at 2? years old)

Time = Chubby cheeked kid…


Troy & Matt - shocked faces

…this! (Troy and Matt, Wind Cave – Summer 2007)

Geroge goofy face

Time = This turned into…

George 2014

…this! Yeah – George hasn’t changed!








Kaleb, Me, Noah, and George - Halloween 2013


Boys in the car

Love looking back to these faces!

I would do anything for..."my Mom"

Other kids wrote things like pizza and x-box; Noah came up with this on his own.

A note from George "Left food out in case you guys wanted some"

When I work late and everyone is asleep before I get home, I find little surprises. So thoughtful…

five boys with haircuts

In age order – Troy, Matt, George, Noah, Kaleb – after haircuts – Kaleb’s 1st! (Summer 2013)

Kaleb covered in marker.

Yep, it was permanent – His face says it all!

"Hey Mom. I have mint chocolate chip ice cream I have been saving since Wednesday so to celebrate the end of classes so enjoy (if you in the can, if not, you can have it tomorrow"

George saved his ice cream for two days so I could celebrate the ending of my late night class!

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 1.26.50 AM

Budding entrepreneurs – when you can’t find a job, you make one!


Cut out paper hearts and handrawn cards

Valentine’s Day 2013

Party hats and dark sunglasses

Party after family Memorial Mass – George & Noah – best buds!

Matt making a face - looking sophisticated - or just weird.

Matt – hoping to be a future Clemson graduate; he’s thinking pre-law.

All 6 of us dressed up for a wedding

All dressed up – A rare moment! – August 2012

Kaleb and Noah making Twnkies. All 6 of us posing on rocks by a lake

Kaleb & Noah – Making homemade Twinkies and all of us figuring out the self-timer on my camera!

Me, George, Matt

This is one of my favorites – Christmas tree chopping, December 2012 (I think!)

Me sitting on Kaleb

I’ll be sitting at the gun club every Monday night for the next 14 years – oy vey!

Noah - Hands fodled as he is made an altar server for the first time.

Don’t let the angelic look fool you – Noah both tests me and provides me with Hope! 😉

All of us - Easter 2014

This is my crew – Easter 2014

Happy Mother’s Day

from all of us to all of you!

May God Bless You!

PS I may have gone overboard on the photos! Thanks for bearing with me! 🙂

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