How Much of Your Story do You Tell?

How much do you tell people about your life?

About the heartaches and pains?

About the hidden or unshed tears?

About the laughter that masked the fear?

How much do you tell people about abuse you faced, the sights, the sounds, the smells, the memories that are faded, virtually non existent, but that have the habit of popping up at the strangest times and in the most unexpected, unwanted ways?

How do you tell people when you’d rather not tell yourself?

And when you do tell, how much do you reveal?

What secrets do you hold close to your heart?

What fears are you afraid to let loose?

We tell our students to tell if they’re being hurt, but the kids know no one really wants to hear about stuff like that, no one wants to admit that goes on, no one wants to step in, even if they believe you.

And no one wants to really tell you what you want to hear.

That you are Worthy. That you are Loved.

Until you find The One who understands because He’s been there too, because He loves you so much that you can tell Him anything, and He will still Love you.

It’s then that you find the strength to tell others of the Love that is waiting for them. You can find the strength to tell your story because

YOU are NOT your story

and in the telling of your story you are no longer a prisoner, but you are free, released to set others free, free to tell their stories until there is nothing left to tell of sadness and hurt and suffering and only the

telling of the strength and hope and love and forgiveness and understanding and healing.

Tell of that which comes from the Savior,  from the Holy Spirit, from the One Perfect Father to whom you can tell everything but need tell nothing, to the one who already knows all you can tell and the one who still tells you He Loves You.

Today I have again linked up for my second five minute Friday post and the topic (can you guess it?) was “tell.” Telling takes courage. What is it that you are afraid to tell about? Confront your fears and have faith. Tell what needs to be told. God knows the rest.

God Bless…

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