My Year in Review – World Events – October Through December

Medals on a hero's chest.
Thank you to all our heroes and their loved ones who sacrifice for us.

October – November – December

World Events

Death of Another World Dictator & the Official End of the Iraq War

The Year in review continues with the death of Muammar Gaddafi and the announcement that US troops would pull out of Iraq. A country facing war fatigue met this announcement with mixed emotions. Most Americans were glad to have the troops come home. Many expressed concern that new violence would ensue in the region and almost immediately this proved to be the case. US President Barak Obama told Americans he would fulfill a campaign promise by ending the Iraq War and did so in December of 2011. I am hoping he remembered to tell the Taliban that and that they accepted this with no retribution for Americans or innocent people in the region.

North Korea Loses Its Evil Dictator Too

And finally, I think there will be some gathering in hell this New Year’s Eve as Kim Jong Ill went to meet his brothers bin laden and ghadafi. Although there was crying in the streets of North Korea, most of the world was glad to see this cruel dictator leave the planet. We hope the people of North Korea will be treated more humanly by Kim Jong Ill’s son, that they will be given food and freedom from torture, but when the government has control it seems highly unlikely and our hearts go out to the North Koreans as we also pray the new dictator will not try to prove himself through the use of nuclear weapons.


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