Nam’s Story

Single Mom Smiling Shares Similar Stories - Tiger LilyToo often and for many different reasons, women seek attention and love from those unworthy of their attention and love rather than waiting for the one God intended for them. When a stressor, such as a surprise pregnancy, enters the relationship the individual shows his true colors, leaving the woman to deal with the pregnancy alone in the way no real Man would.

This is what happened to Nam who contacted me and asked for her story to be shared on Single Mom Smiling. I think Nam says it best when she says, “He thought we were separate entities.” A woman and her baby are intimately connected. Choosing Life brings Life to both mother and child. I only heard from Nam this one time but am hoping and praying both Nam and her baby are doing well today.

I found out I was pregnant at 7 weeks. It was unplanned and my partner had said he wanted to keep it. I felt a connection to the baby and had made the necessary changes to keep it healthy and happy. My partner on the other hand felt that he did not need to make any necessary changes. He felt that what he did to me would not affect our child. He felt that pregnancy was something easy. He left me at home pregnant to go out and drink. He would not show up at home nor call for days. He constantly abondoned me and felt he didn’t need to make any sacrifices and that he was justified in leaving me at home to deal with everything. He didn’t believe in the fact that I have hormones nor in the fact that if I’m unhappy the child would be unhappy as well. He thought we were separate entities. I constantly told him how I felt and how wrong it was and he decided he would rather not deal it and would leave me and the baby because he was “tired” of having to hear me.

Nam, you cannot make this man do the right thing by you and your child, but I am so proud of you for doing the right thing. Your child is counting on you. You CAN do this! Keep up the good work and please reach out again. You are Loved and prayed for.

Nam, I pray that God Will Bless You & Your Child…

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