Oh The Week I’ve Had!

George is so much cuter than I am. I’ll use his happy face to show how I feel! Love this kid!

Okay, you know those days when everything, and I do mean everything goes wrong? And we grumble and moan about it all the time? I’ve certainly had them – and I’ve grumbled and moaned about them more than my share!

But what about those weeks when everything – and I mean EVERYTHING!!! – goes right!

Well, this last week was one of those weeks. Everything went right, and all of it was in God’s perfect timing – I see that now! After months of waiting and trying to be patient but really questioning God in the back of my mind (just a little bit), I finally see the celebration He had planned for us!

But those amazingly Good things have also led to an incredible amount of work! Yes, as a single mom of five boys who has been scrambling for the let 5+ years, I am saying that even this “Light at the end of the tunnel” involves a WHOLE LOT of Work with a  capitol “W.”

But it’s all Good things. The week left me scrambling and without a lot of time to comment on or read other people’s blogs or even post on my own. I’ve made some friends in my blogging journey and in my “real life” and have even dropped the ball in responding to them as quickly as I should have.

Right now, I am torn in many directions (No complaints just facts there!) and so I’ve decided to take a week or so off from blogging to focus my attention on what needs to be done. I just wanted to post this quick note before I run off today so that anyone who has been reading about our lives knows the silence here is a Good thing and that I am seeing wonderful freedom and opportunities for my boys and me in the days ahead.

I know by now you are probably wondering what I am talking about, but I’m not going to tell you just yet! I need to put so many posts together and when I do begin posting again – hopefully next week – you’ll discover why I was too busy to post this week.

How’s that for a LONG winded explanation telling you absolutely nothing about why I don’t have time to post? Sometimes I’m so ridiculous I amaze even myself!

Anyway, have a Blessed, wonderful, fantabulous day and please know God does have a plan for you. I didn’t doubt it before, but it’s is SO wonderful to see it all in action!

Thank you my Lord and Father!

Thank you Jesus!

Thank you My Amazing, Wonderful, Courageous Holy Spirit!

God Bless…

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