One Last Christmas – Praying for Lost Children

Snow Angel
A piece of your angel will always be with you.

As difficult as it is to be a single parent, as much as I miss my children when they are with their father, I am always grateful to know they will be coming home to me eventually. Some families are not as fortunate.

I cannot begin to imagine the pain of parents and siblings of a child who has passed from this earth too soon. Too many children do not go home to the parents who love them. Some children have no homes. Some children have no parents to care for them. Some children go missing and only God, their Father knows where they are, and some children are too sick to go home or to make it to One More Christmas. 

Today, in honor of those who have lost a child, I have a link to Matthew West’s song, One More Christmas, which describes the true story of Dax Locke, a small boy who was diagnosed with leukemia at 13 months. I am sure Dax is now in the arms of his Heavenly Father:  smiling, running, laughing, singing, and playing this Christmas, but I would guess the challenges to his parents and to those who knew him are unspeakable.

Dax’s Mom requested donations be made to allow Saint Jude’s to run for one full day in his name. I am not sure if donations can still be made specifically for Dax, but I do know thousands of other children need your help and prayers. If you would like to donate to Saint Jude’s, please click here.

The holidays can be hard for single parents, but we still have so much to be thankful for. Please join me in reaching out and praying extra hard for families, like this one, who have lost a child.

If the video below does not show in your browser, you can view it here:

One Last Christmas by Matthew West

God Bless…