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Awestruck - Catholic Social Media
It’s our “Faith-Book” 😉

Looking for an online community to support your journey in or answer questions about the Catholic faith? Look no further! Check out Awestruck! – a new Catholic social media site. We call it Faithbook! 😉

Divorced, Annulled, & Still Catholic
Meet me at Awestruck!

Annulled, Divorced, & Still Catholic

This is a group I admin. It is open to all and is a place where Catholics who have been divorced or are on the road to divorce can meet discuss, share, solve, and pray for and with one another. (If you are not yet divorced you are welcome, but we sincerely pray that you and the Lord can still make your marriage work. Divorce is never the best solution, and miracles do happen when we get out of our own way and let God fulfill His plans!)

Catholic Single Parenting
Other Catholic single parents really do exist! Come meet us!

Single Parenting, Catholic Style!

We never set out to be single parents, and yet, here we are! Join us to share the best ways to raise strong, faith-filled children in an increasingly faithless world. Whether you are pregnant and single, a grandparent raising children alone, or anything in between, you are welcome here! We discuss and share the tears and triumphs, joys and sorrows, and ups and downs of single parenting. Oh and of course we will have all the usual stuff like discipline strategies, homework help, teen fashion (or lack thereof as my boys can sometimes display!) and more!

While I certainly don’t have all the answers, I do have some expertise in these areas and I look forward to learning form my fellow group members as well!

I’m sure we will all be Awestruck as our groups grow and God’s plans take shape!

Meet you at Awestruck! 🙂

God Bless…

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