Infidelity: Finding Out My Husband Cheated on Me with Another Woman

In many cases of marital abandonment, the husband or wife has committed infidelity, so when my husband said he was leaving, I had to know if he was cheating on me with another woman. I asked if his leaving had anything to do with a woman he had recently reconnected with on Facebook. That was when I found …

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I Don’t Love You Anymore

What do you do when the man who promised to love you forever says he doesn’t love you anymore? I know. It happened to me when my husband told me this and suddenly left me pregnant with our fifth little boy.

1 Mom and 5 Boys

My Husband Left Me Pregnant and Alone

Even before being left pregnant and alone, my life was full of those tragic events that make a good story … when they happen to someone else, so when my husband left me pregnant, I hoped I could use the pain of abandonment and experiences of abuse I’d endured to help others.

Single Mom Back Aches

Could an aching back be yet another side effect of being a single mom because my back certainly does hurt!  I had never experienced real back pain before, but shortly after my husband left me pregnant and alone, my back began hurting. Now, when the pain flairs up, I know it’s just another side effect of …

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Pumpkin Carving with Noah

Last week I took a day off from work to help Noah’s class with pumpkin carving. I know we need the little money I make, but I decided long ago that money would never be more important than spending time with my children when they need me to. If I had any doubts (which I didn’t!) about taking the day …

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