Planned Parenthood is Wrong About My Baby

Single Mom Sonogram
This is my son…

Almost seven years ago we began giving away our baby stuff. We were done having kids – according to our plan anyway! It turns out God has greater plans than any we could imagine, and not long after donating most of that baby stuff, I found myself pregnant once again.

The news came as a shock, one I didn’t want to tell my husband about because I feared his reaction, and maybe I was right to fear it because, despite renewing our vows on Valentine’s Day, it was right after that he reconnected with his current girlfriend on Facebook. It was shortly after that that we got the week’s notice he gave saying he was leaving for good. It was right after that that he moved out, giving inconsistent child support, and we lost our house.

Ever try to find housing as a stay at home mom with five small boys?

We lost so much, but this is where Planned Parenthood has got the story all wrong. Planned Parenthood would have you believe our story ends there.

In truth, it was just the  beginning.

That Baby, and yes, he was a Baby, complete with a beating heart, a working brain, pumping blood, you name it, that Baby was the greatest gift that we ever received.

That Baby was more than tissue,

that Baby was Hope.

My newborn and his 4 brothersThat Baby gave us a reason to go on, to pick up the pieces, to strive to do better in our relationships, to trust the right people more, to bother with the wrong people less, to reach for higher standards in education, in politics, in careers, in faith, in life.

That Baby did not tear apart our family. Yes, my husband left, but I discovered he was not the great asset I thought he was.

That Baby did not stop my education. He did not ruin us financially. He did not prevent me from finding another man to Love. That Baby saved us from disaster.

That Baby made me want a better job, better benefits, better financial stability, a better future.

That Baby helped me make the decision to not jump into a new relationship when so many of my divorcing friends did. That Baby saved me from the embarrassment, the confusion, the rejection, the humiliation so many others face when they realize that this new guy wasn’t the one after all, that he was just the one for now – or, worse, maybe that they were just the one for now.

5th birthday at the park
Birthday party at the park. How can 5 years have passed so quickly???

That Baby made me see where I was wasting time, coasting through life, complacent with less than the best. That Baby made me want to do better. That Baby made me find ways to test out of classes, find ways to get my teaching license updated despite needing two years of schooling, find ways to work from home.

Ever try to hold onto a new Baby, a giggling toddler or a mischievous preschooler and anger, bitterness, and hurt at the same time? You can’t. It doesn’t work that way. That Baby taught me to let the negative go. That Baby taught me to find ways to make life Good and Fun and Loving and Wonderful!

Planned Parenthood would have you believe that the only option that made sense was to kill my unborn child. How else would a single mom of five small boys with no job and no usable education manage? The only choice I had was to kill my Baby right?

Fortunately, I am pro-life. That Baby, unplanned by me, was planned by his Father in Heaven to save us from ourselves. I could have killed him in my womb. No one, but God,  would have been the wiser if I had, but if I had, I’d have also have killed the dreams, the plans, the goals, the my Father has for me and for my other children.

This little one is truly a gift to all who know him! Thank you Lord for helping me choose Life!
This little one is truly a gift to all who know him! Thank you Lord for helping me choose Life!

What if that Baby you are carrying is also carrying the dreams, the plans, the goals, and the future your Father has planned for you? What if the Lord sees hard times ahead for you either way, but one way you go through those hard times alone while the other way you go through them with a gift straight from Heaven, a Baby, a Baby that will take a lot of time and energy and work and faith, but a Baby that will draw you to Goodness if you let him, a Baby that is meant just for you, a Baby that is precious and already Loved by his Father, by the Father who Loves you, a Baby that could be Loved by you or another couple – if you let him be Loved, if you let him live.

It is your decision. Please choose the life God has planned for you! Let your child do the same.

If you need help, please reach out to me at or to one of the many pregnancy centers: Birthrite, CareNet, Priests for Life, or for hope after abortion, Project Rachel.

Today people will join in prayer at Planned Parenthoods nationwide. Any of those people will be willing to help you get help for you and your baby before and after birth. I know firsthand. I have been there. I know the Joy of a Baby not planned by me.

God Bless…

Single Mom and Boys - Five of Them!
My family.

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