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I recently completed the A-Z Challenge. April has 26 days in it, not including Sundays, and over the course of those 26 days, bloggers who signed up for the challenge were to write a post a day. Some of the posts I like better than others, but I hope you find something here that works for you. Thanks for checking them out, and I really appreciate your feedback. The bloggers who completed the A-Z Challenge worked hard to do so. I hope you check out others here.

To find out my thoughts on the A-Z Challenge and what it taught me, come back tomorrow.

A is for Abandoned, but Not Alone

B is for Baby. A Surprise? Definitely. Unplanned? Not At All!

C is for Choices

D is for Dads, Loved & Powerful

E is for Eucharist

F is for Fishing

G is for Gun Control

H is for Hope Which Does Not Come From Change

I is for Idolatry

J is for Jesus

K is for Kill

L is for Love of an Ex-Spouse

M is for Marriage a Meaningless Word

N is for No, Something God Often Says

O is for O-Syndrome as in Overwhelmed, Overburdened, Over…

P is for Prisoner

Q is for Quiet, Which Sometimes Comes From Sorrow

R is for Running vs. Rest

S is for Searching for a Savior

T is for Testimony

U is for Unity vs Conformity

V is for Victory Over Death AND Divorce

W is for Words Wise or Wicked

X is for Confession as a Way to eXamine Your Conscience

Y is for Yearning for Yesterday is No Way to Drive

Z is for Zoo – the Home of a Single Mom of Five Boys

3 thoughts on “Posts From the A to Z Challenge”

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  2. Thank you for sharing your story on my site. You are one of those whose marriage may not be put back together but one who has courage to not let it define you. It takes courage to put yourself out there and tell the story, it takes wisdom to know how to share and when to share, you are both courageous and wise. How blessed your boys are to call you Mom.

    1. Thank you Betty. All five of those boys mean the world to me; they are truly gifts from the Father.
      It can be difficulty determining how much to put out there. After my husband left, I began realizing how shallow his value made me and how much more I was meant to be, how much more we are all meant to be. It’s not easy putting some of this out there. Any courage or wisdom involved comes from God, not from me…and that is a good thing! 🙂

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