Questions Four Year Olds Ask

A Questioning Four Year Old
Question #10 really got me!

Four year olds can ask really funny questions. If you have ever seen the show, Kids Say the Darndest Things with host Bill Cosby, you know what I mean, and even without having seen the show, anyone who’s been around a preschooler of any length of time, knows the truth! Kids really do say the darnedest things and ask the darndest questions!

Today I decided to post ten of the thousands of questions Kaleb has asked over the past few weeks. Yes, I do write these things down – Gotta love phone apps!

Hope you enjoy Kaleb’s Questions! 

10 of my Favorite Questions as Asked by My Four Year Old!

  1. What do tummies look like on the inside?
  2. Is my knee old now? (This was said after he banged his knee, and it began hurting)
  3. Do people have lava in them?
  4. If people had lava in them, would they die?
  5. Who’s older, you or grandpa? (He meant MY Grandpa, my 91 YEAR OLD Grandpa!)
  6. Did you come from somebody’s tummy too? (Said with a wrinkled nose and a suspicious look on his face?)
  7. (Later) Why do you call meema, mom?
  8. Why do girls pee out of their hieneys?
  9. Will I have scary dreams when I’m big like you?
  10. Can I just love you forever? 

Some of his questions have left me speechless with their oddness, others have left me tearful with their sweetness (see question #10, yes Kaleb, you can love me forever and back to infinity if you’d like, but I will still always love you more.)

I’d love to know how you’d respond to the questions, and I’d really love to hear questions your kids have asked you!

Please comment below! I looking forward to reading about your kids too!

To watch a clip from Kids Say the Darndest Things, please click here.

God Bless…

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