Sancity of Life Week – Roe v Wade is a National Tragedy

Sanctity of life week began Sunday with the anniversary of Roe v Wade.

Have we not learned from history? Millions of people have been slaughtered because they were considered less than human and yet each person had unique DNA. Each person moved and ate and lived.

And every person who has ever lived has relied on someone else for life even beyond the womb.

How are unborn children different?

Unborn children have unique DNA.  They move, eat, and live but they do so in an environment we cannot easily visualize. Because of this and their unheard cries of pain, their unseen attempts to cower from the abortionist’s knives and vacuums, and their body parts disposed of without ever being held or comforted, many say these babies are not human. They are fetal tissue. They are the products of conception. They are not human.

In truth, it is not they who are not human. It is what we allow to happen to these innocent children is not human.

I know the pain and fear and confusion of a surprise pregnancy. I had one.

I know all about thinking your life was finally going in the direction you want it to only to have it take a giant U-turn and head right back down the tubes (or so I thought at the time).

I know about having the baby’s father whom I loved more than anyone, take off when presented with this new challenge.

I know about being afraid that I wouldn’t be able to provide – food, heat, clothing, shelter, education, time, love.

I know.

And I know that no baby is unplanned. We did not plan that baby, but that does not mean he was unplanned.

He was planned by God as are all babies. As am I. As are you. As is your baby.

Let your life reflect God’s glory. Let that child YOU had not planned bring love and light into the world whether you chose to keep him or give another couple the greatest gift a human being can give to another human being.

I know about facing a crisis pregnancy alone (There were also health concerns for both the baby and myself as well) and I know that baby is so worth every second of that pregnancy.

I did not see it that way at that time, but I have found a love in him and in those around him and all of us that I never imagined existed.

And I have found a strength and love and peace in knowing God has a plan even better than I did for all of our lives.

Please do not abort your baby. You already mean the world to him. God Bless… ______________________________________________________________

I have been having computer issues and may have to be gone for a few days. When I return, I will post photos for this post and continue my daily blog. In the meantime, please keep those experiencing a crisis pregnancy in your prayers – men, women, children, and babies alike. If you are in the midst of a crisis pregnancy, please reach out. I want to help. There are also agencies like CareNet, Priests for Life,  and BirthRight among others who will offer confidential guidance and listen to you talk things through. If you have had an abortion, you are also prayed for and loved. If you would like more information on abortion recovery, please look up Project Rachel.       ~Love them both.

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