When You Say Nothing At All Youtube Mom of Four Boys

A friend sent me this video of Katie Crank, mother of four boys, singing the song “When You Say Nothing At All.”

Katie has a great voice and watching her four boys tackling one another in the background is priceless! Her kids are about as far apart as my first four were so it adds an additional pull on my heartstrings. Now if she could just throw in a surprise fifth little boy, her family would be perfect! 😉

It’s funny to watch this video with my five “little” boys. I hear her words, see her messages and feel the beauty and love she has for these little boys. It’s a mix that has me fighting back happy tears.

My boys on the other hand, see the video very differently. They ooohhh and ahhhh and cheer on every body slam of the battling boys in the background. Their favorite part? When one of the boys flips over the back of the couch and seconds later, as my Matt pointed out, Katie  Crank, the boys’ mom, sings “I’ll be there to pick you up whenever you fall…” That made them roll on the floor laughing – especially since she didn’t seem to care that they had already fallen! They have a sick sense of humor sometimes!

Ahhh…life with boys!

I fell in love with the song and the video immediately and wanted to share it with you. Enjoy on this Fun Friday!

Thank you Katie Crank!

May God Bless your beautiful family!

When You Say Nothing At All:

What do you see when you watch this video? Let me know your thoughts. Share other videos and tidbits from around the web by commenting below. I may use your suggestion in a future post!

God Bless…

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  1. I am just seeing your article….thank you for your kind words and for finding humor in raising boys! 🙂

    1. lol Thanks Katie! I LOVE your rendition (not to mention the boys in the background)! Raising boys is an amazing adventure! We are so lucky!! 🙂

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