Single Mom Laundry – I Have So Much Laundry!

Our playroom
The house may be clean but the laundry is never-ending!

Holy Cow! Who knew a post on laundry would take two days???

You’d think laundry was a never-ending task or something!


When you’re a single mom of five boys, laundry is a never-ending task!

In case you missed it, Charity over at The Wounded Dove, is sponsoring a link-up and this week’s topic is – laundry! So yesterday, I began talking about folding socks and the amount of laundry a single mom of five boys has to do, but I had so much laundry that I split the laundry topic into two piles, okay two posts.

Today, I share a brief rundown of other laundry stories I need to complete one day, some of which are best shared in person. Please shoot me an email if you’d like me to speak with your group as I continue to, with God’s Grace, reach out to others going through tough times to a greater faith and sense of self-worth.

But, without further ado, let me continue with what I didn’t get to yesterday …

Laundry Tales

Yesterday, I didn’t get to speak about the times I opened  the washing machine door only to have plastic snakes or giant hairy spiders or other such things tumble out at me.

I didn’t get to the days when Noah smuggled toads (not plastic!) into the house in his pockets and I’d have to frisk him before letting him inside. I lived in constant fear of him getting one by me and me washing a toad – YUCK!

I didn’t get to the days, 15 years ago, when we moved into a new mouse-infested house and the washing machine broke filled with water and when we drained it, there was a bloated mouse whose eyes were… Oh, I just cannot go on! DOUBLE YUCK!

I didn’t get to the days when Noah wore his “Future Firefighter” shirt every day, and I’d sneak in while he was sleeping to strip it off him, wash and dry it, and then sneak back in to put it back on him, praying the whole time that he didn’t wake up – or how grateful I was to the people who started donating their children’s Future Firefighter shirts. I didn’t get to explain that even though he wore the same shirt for about 6 months straight, it really was CLEAN every day – or okay, leaving my perfect at the door, clean almost every day!

Kaleb with gloves on his feet
Because sometimes you just don’t have time for socks!

I didn’t even get time to promote my “Someday business venture” – opening a consignment store that sells – you guessed it – just one sock. Absolute Genius! How many people need just one sock??? I bet if we all worked together, we could find mates for all the lonely socks in this world! Then every sock would find its Sole Mate 😉 (This is why my children don’t let me tell jokes to their friends!)

Of course, I’d insist that those single socks were recognizably clean. I draw the line at sniffing my own children’s socks.

Ohhhh… the laundry stories I long to tell.

Charity, you’ve opened Pandora’s Laundry Basket, but thank you for letting me get my story out. You have saved me a small fortune in therapy by allowing me to speak my laundry mind here.

On a more serious note, one thing that kept running through my mind as I folded those 84 PAIRS of socks (which, btw is actually 168 actual socks and does not include the full laundry basket of mismatches I hold onto in hopes of finding their sole mate) is how blessed we are to have 84 pairs of socks and mountains of laundry, and how, in too many countries, single moms would do anything to complain about folding 84 pairs of socks – how blessed I am with these little “problems” compared to real problems others have in most of the rest of the world.

Kaleb with gloves on his feet.
Being the 5th boy might have its disadvantages!

Thank you, Lord.

Have any laundry stories to share? Leave yours in the comments or head over to Charity’s link-up and join us! 

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God Bless…

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