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New Years 2014
What will you Resolve for 2014?
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Yesterday I sat down to write my New Year Resolutions and was hit by the realization that I must really resolve to change myself, my family, my world.

Today I am continuing my New Year Resolutions for 2014 in the more fun way, admittedly with less resolve, as I normally would. Which do you think I’ll actually keep? I RESOLVE to let you hold me accountable, and we will check back at this time next year!

New Year Resolutions 2014

  1. lose 20 pounds because of things like chocolate Kisses!
    16 hours alone with my blog = a LOT of Hershey Kisses + part of why I need to lose 20 pounds! Too bad I didn’t see the (low fat) Graham crackers until this was taken!

    Lose 20 pounds – Might as well get this one out of the way right off the bat. Everyone well, okay, not everyone, but most of the middle aged women I know want to lose a few (YIKES! -pause- Am I really middle aged?)

    1. I resolve to lose 20 pounds over the next year – or maybe 5-10 would be more realistic.
  1. Work out six days a week. A healthy body handles stress and life’s punches much more graciously than a weak body. This year I will be PHYSICALLY DOMINANT!
    1. Or maybe I’ll just hope to lift something heavier than a spoon for 30 minutes 3-5 times a week. And maybe I’ll just do that until the middle of August or so when bathing suit season is almost over and winter fat storage (absolutely necessary for survival) begins.


  1. Clutter
    Will showing my mess to the world motivate me in 2014? I’ll take this same picture next year so I hope so!

    I will clean out the clutter! Paperwork. Paperwork. Paperwork. Extra clothing. Make up. Sports equipment. Chatchkeeys. I have no idea how to spell that big word to describe all the stuff “decorating” out home, but it’s okay that I don’t know how to spell it. Most of the stuff around here I don’t know what to do with or how to work it anyway, not being able to spell chatchkeys kind of fits the theme of WHY DO WE HAVE THIS JUNK??? (Spelling chatttshckeys differently every time means I must get one spelling right eventually! Brilliant, I know! 😉 )

    1. I resolve to throw out or donate tons of chatshkees – or at least a bag or two every once in a while. Or at least I promise to bag it up, throw it in the back of my car, drive around with it for long enough to forget what’s in it, take it back in the house and exclaim, “OH MY GOSH! I CANNOT believe I was getting rid of this – and do it all again in 2015!”


  1. Catholic Bible
    My strength. My peace. My Savior.

    Spend time with the Lord every day – This is one I’m pretty sure I can keep. I can pray the Rosary while I fold laundry. I can sing along to Christian radio in the car while I drive. I can read the Bible on an app wherever I go. I can spend a few quiet moments alone with…Oh wait! THAT won’t ever happen here! But I can still find other ways to be with the Lord.

    1. I resolve to spend some time doing something for or listening to my Savior every day.


  1. Be there for my children. This one is the hardest. The others were all jokes. Well, no my Lord. Spending time with you was no joke (said while surreptitiously watching for lightening bolts cast from Heaven). I will spend a few minutes with God every day, but, I know God doesn’t need me. He will still be perfect if I forget Him for a day (I won’t Lord!) It is I who is not be at all good without Him.As far as the other resolutions…Yes, I hope I do them. I really will try AGAIN this year to lose the 20 pounds, to work out more, eat better, and to clean out the clutter. But unlike God, children are not perfect, or even fine, without Mom tuned in.

    And for that reason, I must do better. I must be better. I must remember that ‘good enough’ is most certainly not ever “GOOD ENOUGH” for a child, especially my precious loves.

    1. I resolve to be a better mother. I resolve to spend more time laughing and less time crying. I resolve to spread joy and love not anger and fear. I resolve to help them clean up their messes and to admit it and ask forgiveness for mine.I resolve to not do MORE, but LOVE BETTER. And that is one resolve I resolve to keep.
1Momand5Boys 5 Boys in asled
Hard to believe this is two years ago. I resolve to spend more time with these guys!

What are your New Year’s Resolutions for 2014? Check in throughout the year and let me know how you’re doing and help keep me accountable for my New Year’s Resolutions too!

Be safe. Be strong.

God Bless…