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Single Mom Smiling is an adventure I never thought I’d embark on! A few years ago, I would never have believed I could design a website, write (almost!) every day, or do any number of things I push myself to do now.

I know none of those things would have been possible without God’s help.

Second, only to God, is the love, support, help, and encouragement I’ve received from so many people around me. I have been truly blessed. It is all of you who have gotten me this far,

And so I am again turning to you for help!

I am looking for feedback. I’d like to “take it public.” Most of those who read the site have stumbled here by accident (I prefer to believe you were led here by Divine Providence! 🙂 ). I’d like to tell my family and friends about Single Mom Smiling, increase readership, and get a following on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

I feel such a calling to get the word out about the goodness of God, the blessings of challenge, and the power of a positive attitude as well as the truth about the injustices and challenges of abuse, single parenting, and the effects of divorce on families and society.

But I cannot do this alone.

And I value what you have to say.

So, on that note, let me take only a moment more of your time by asking you to fill out the survey below or feel free to use the contact SMS forms to let me know how I can do better.

Thanks so much!

God Bless…

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