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So…because five boys, teaching high school math in a Catholic school, being an 8th grade CCD Confirmation catechist, starting a new life coaching business, and I don’t know what else isn’t quite enough…

I’ve started a monthly, faith-based newsletter for the divorced, for single parents, and for those struggling with marriage and family issues.

(Don’t worry – I’ve given up on housecleaning; I’ll survive the sacrifice! 😉  )

Single Mom Smiling’s Newsletter:

Here’s What You Get (and it’s not just for single Moms!):

The first Saturday of every month (who needs more to do during the week, right?)

Subscribers get direct content not found on,  

inspiration, encouragement, and advice straight from Strahlen

as well as First-to-Know privileges

about podcasts, webinars, and G+ hangouts all coming soon!

Can you tell how excited I am???

While you’re reading each month’s newsletter,

consider sharing your Joys and triumphs

as well as tips, suggestions, prayer requests, and photos for publication in future editions.

Hope you join us on the first Saturday of each month for Single Mom Smiling’s newsletter ~  and remember, this is not just for single moms!

The first edition comes out this Saturday. I talk of 9-11, sending children back to school, and a return to faith in the midst of it all – Don’t miss out!

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I really hope you subscribe and participate in future editions by emailing Subject: Newsletter. Got a tip to share? I’m always looking for suggestions and am thrilled with your questions and ideas. I love celebrating your triumphs and praying for your challenges.

Yep, I’m up for pretty much anything on this adventure!

I am so grateful to so many of you who have reached out and shared with me through the years, both publicly on Single Mom Smiling and through private emails. I will still honor requests to maintain privacy, but if you want to share (I hope you do!)…hopefully this gives you a platform and builds a community where you feel safe doing so – although, as we all know, there can be some real jerks out there. I am not responsible for their comments.

This newsletter isn’t just about me. I’m hoping you make this about YOU too!

And by YOU, I’m also referring to single Dads and men affected by divorce and marriage issues. You add a valued, different perspective. Besides, it does us women Good to know there are strong, honorable men out there doing their best right alongside us.

I tend to write using female pronouns because, well hey, I am one, and I know that perspective best. Besides it gets bulky and awkward to keep using he/she and I run the risk of sounding like some gender-confused Target shopper.

So man, woman, or child (You must have parent’s written permission if you’re under 18), please subscribe today, NOW. Yes, Now That means You, Do it NOW! (please…)

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And, as always, thanks for commenting, following, and sharing!

This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship…

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God Bless…

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