Society vs. The Real Man – The Beginning of Truth Behind What’s Wrong With Our World

B & W Real Man's FaceYes, I do realize this is Single Mom Smiling, a place meant primarily for single moms, those abandoned by divorce, and women who are just beginning to realize they’ve made wrong choices that have landed them where they are today, but women are not the only victims of divorce, wrong choices, or what society dictates a particular person be.

In our world where men can be women and women can be men and grown men can be babies and children can be “furries” (people who want to be animals and treated as such – confused yet???), we whine and wonder where are all the


Parents claim to give kids everything but continue to search for more stuff to give. In their searching for stuff, they take time away from family and give more to work, outside influences, and idolatry and then fall to temptation and give even less of the quality things kids really crave.

High schools have gotten rid of class rank because we don’t want kids to know they’re not the best, and athletic teams give participation trophies,  claiming to protect self-esteem, but players still know who’s in the last place and even children realize it’s unfair to reward players who show up only when they feel like it. When trophies are given to all, we don’t build the losers but punish those who work hard, listen to coaches advice, and have natural ability. We unfairly keep a child who isn’t good at something from searching for what he is really good at.

We allow boys to identify as girls to beat girls in races when they couldn’t succeed in a boy’s competition and then criticize the girls for not being open-minded and fair. Maybe handing those girls a participation trophy will make them feel better.

College professors have students write essays comparing transgenderism to slavery while the media claims we need to tear down those walls of injustice. The left claims it is open-minded but firmly shuts down those who don’t believe as radically it does. In its claim to love, it silences thought that dares climb out of their own imprisoning block.

And most of us cling to our way of doing things because it’s the right way, but we can’t fully articulate what “right” is. When pushed, we struggle to admit, even to ourselves, that the “right way” is our way only because it’s become normal and average while we continue to claim normal and average are things we look down on. We refuse to believe our way is the right way because we’ve become lazy and complacent or just don’t realize there is a better way out there!

Then we wonder why we are graduating classes of high school seniors that are more depressed than ever and why depression in society overall is increasing at alarming, epidemic rates.

And we seek to give our kids more, deny they are ranked below a neighbor, hand them another trophy, confuse them into thinking, “You can be anything,” doesn’t mean you can be a police officer but means you can change who God’s Love for you created you to be, and the cycle continues.

Society today tells Man he is not as important as his own happiness and so in our throw away culture, men throw away wives and children. They think going to ball games, having kids sleep over half of every month, and paying child support makes them good fathers.

In our throw away culture, men have thrown away more than their wives and children. They have thrown away themselves.

Through Single Mom Smiling and The Right Path Life Coaching, I’ve worked with women who just didn’t even realize a better Man existed. Many gave themselves away and are now hurt and confused and wondering what they did wrong. Many wonder what is wrong with men today.

But that’s not the end of the story!


There are actually Men, real men, out there living life abnormally and uniquely the right way for reasons more than just it feels good. For the divorced woman or the single Mom, for the child growing up desperate for a role model but not knowing he can seek someone of quality, for the young woman with dreams of Marriage in her heart but giving herself away in misguided hope, and for the young Man who feels in his soul there is more to life than what he finds on illicit websites but whose head has internalized messages that temptation is something to be satisfied rather than fought, knowing these real Men are not just mythical creatures from tales of long ago is life altering.

There are still Men who are amazing role models, Men who are real MEN, Men who lead their wives and children, Men who put God first, Men who stand up for those who can’t stand for themselves, Men who provide in ways that stretch to places finances can’t reach, Men who believe in Faith, Family, and Country, Men who offer Real Hope to the rest of the world, Men who are living right.

For a Mom of five boys, knowing there is real Hope for my boys to grow up to be real Men, to be abnormal by being better than average and by living right for a reason is a must. Knowing there are real Men living Saint Joseph lives, lives of sacrifice, honor, and Love even in the face of adversity is a game changer when it comes to parenting, dating, living.


It is my goal in honor of Father’s Day and for the month of June (and beyond!) to build Men up. I will continue to do my weekly Gospel reflection for the divorced, but most other posts I do will be to counter what normal average society thinks of Man. I hope my posts this month build Man up and make women rethink what a Man is or should and can be!

If you are a Man and would like to contribute or a woman or child (with parent’s permission) what a real Man is or does or looks like, something you do or to honor someone you know, please contact me!

Let’s build Men up! They are created for MORE and so are we!

God Bless…

And, as always, thanks for commenting, liking, following, and sharing!

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