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I am THE Greatest!

I Am The Greatest

We moved into this house in a rush. I was a little down about having to leave the house I thought we’d live in forever, the house I thought my ex and I would welcome grandchildren in for sleepovers and host family barbecues like those my Grandparents threw. Moving into this house didn’t leave me the…

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The Summer of Lasts…

This is our summer of lasts – Troy will be leaving for college in just a few weeks. The summer of lasts. Every once in a while it hits me, what that really means: the summer of lasts. It probably sounds dramatic. I know my kids have rolled their eyes more times than I can count as…

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Back To School Means Slow Down Time

The Boys and Me-Kaleb is 1 day old here.

Stop. Time. Go Back. Sandwiches. Missing out. Rewind. Nostalgia. Excitement. Exhaustion. Sandwiches. Possibility. Future. Hope. More sandwiches. STOP. I’m pairing up with Charity again at The Wounded Dove for today’s #GoodEnoughMom linkup, and today’s topic is Back to School, which is a very difficult topic for me this year. I’ve watched the commercials and laughed over…

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Boy Scout Camp & The Desperate Text Message

Boy Scout Camp - Noah & George

The boys left for Boy Scout camp this morning. They’re not allowed to use electronics on the trip, but Matt (the only one of the three with a cell phone) brought his phone in case of an emergency, and late that first night the text messages started coming through… Mom, plz pick me up. plz. I…

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One Woman’s Trash Is Another Woman’s Treasure

Stuff in front of our garage

This is what you might see if you were to pull up to my house. Nice, huh? To you it may look like trash, but to me it is a treasure –  well sort of. 😉 We live in a cute, quiet little neighborhood with a bunch of regular little houses occupied mostly by older people…

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