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Freedom to Be the Shepherd’s Voice in Divorce

Freedom Shepherd's Voice Divorce - Sheep Sunset

Divorce is an unspeakable loss, but losses seldom leave vacuums, and what you fill those losses with helps determine outlooks and outcomes, not just for you, but for those you meet as well It’s important to realize this is especially true for your children. For many, the emptiness of loss will merely be replaced with noise similar to…

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Divorce & the Fair Division of Property

divorce - division of property & Gospel

Divorce is a combination of lies – so many big, ugly, hard-hearted lies, so many glorious carrots dangled in front of the face of any jackass who believes divorce solves problems. Pardon my language. I almost never cuss, but I’m angry and disappointed and stopping just short of stamping my feet, balling my fists, and…

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6 Reasons to Encourage Your Children to Love Your Ex

Reasons to Encourage Kids To Love Your Ex - An Open Door on a flight of stairs

You stand in your doorway and watch as children tumble out past you, running in their ever-running childish state. They are enthusiastic and cheerful and running toward the car waiting by the curb. “Bye Mom,” they shout climbing over each other to get into the car. And you stand in your doorway, smiling until you…

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